3 Reasons To Book That Vacation Now

3 Reasons To Book That Vacation Now

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Most business leaders don’t take vacations as often as they should. Especially during peak periods, it can be difficult to find the time to step away from ongoing projects. But getting out of the office and taking some time for R&R not only has numerous health benefits; it is good for your business. Here are three reasons why it’s worth booking that vacation now.


De-stress & Generate Fresh Ideas

Vacations are renowned for their ability to decrease stress. A great vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves and the people we love.

Allowing yourself to take part in new experiences is a surefire way to generate new ideas and boost creativity. Getting away helps you to see projects and commitments from a fresh perspective, which is beneficial for both you and your team in the long term. This is especially true of trips where you come into contact with people of different cultures and ways of life from your own.

However, even if a trip to a distant exotic location is not on the cards for you currently, some time relaxing and reading those novels that you have been meaning to get around to can have a similar impact. Reading is an easy (and cost efficient) way of sharing in someone’s lived experience and broadening you perspective, which is essential for effective management and team leadership.


Overcome Compassion Fatigue 

Those employed in the health-care profession will be familiar with the term ‘compassion fatigue.’ The condition (also known as secondary traumatic stress (or STS) refers to the point at which providers become so tired that they can no longer provide compassionate care or service to others. Those that experience it frequently express feelings that they “walk around feeling dissociated” or in an “altered state,” according to Psychology Today. In essence, they don’t feel like themselves.

At one point or another we can all recall having felt this way. Compassion fatigue is in this sense not a problem that is reserved to the service industry. Whether its physical care, providing customer service, or simply answering client e-mails, feeling rested and in touch with one’s self  is essential for maintaining healthy business relationships.

Vacations are a great way to prevent compassion fatigue. Give yourself permission to take a break for even a few days and your body will thank you later. Healthcare professionals swear by taking the occasional bit of time off and dedicate time each day to activities and hobbies that they are passionate about. When you return to work, you will feel positive and more rejuvenated which will have a positive effect on your work performance.


Be a Role Model for Your Employees

As a business leader, it can be difficult getting the most out of your employees. One surefire way to motivate your team is to inspire them. Would you be inspired by someone who is glued to their desk chair and ignores the importance of work-life balance?

Many employees fear taking vacations because none of their colleagues are doing it. This is especially true during peak periods.

Given that taking some time to get out of the office is proven to destress, make you generate fresh ideas and improve your workflow, it is in your interest in the long run to cultivate a company culture which values work-life balance. If you lead by example and schedule your own vacation then you’ll help your employees to do the same. Doing so will also enable you to demonstrate the right way to take time off, which is to plan for meeting your commitments in advance.


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