4 Key B2B Marketing Trends for 2024

4 Key B2B Marketing Trends for 2024

The tremendous pace of change during 2023 in the B2B sector will not have escaped you. Personally I could not get through a day without being offered some new business innovation based on ChatGPT. There will be a lot more change in 2024 but also some continuing themes. Below I have identified 4 key themes that will be important for B2B Marketing during the year ahead. Let me know your thoughts when you have read the post.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2024

1. LinkedIn ‘s Over-saturation Continues

LinkedIn now has over 1 billion users and 38.1 million users in the United Kingdom. LinkedIn remains the platform of choice for B2B Marketers but the elephant in the room is it’s over-saturation. Yes, B2B marketers are still generating leads on the platform but they are also sending and receiving far too many unsolicited pitches each day. Of course, there are top performers on LinkedIn who attract attention and increase their followings with well crafted original content but the vast majority of B2B marketers rely on automation tools to distribute ‘spray and pray’ connection requests and sales pitches. It does not make for a great user experience on the platform.

2. The Rise of Private Networks

As a response to LinkedIn’s over-saturation in 2023 we observed the rise of Private Networks that are very similar to the original functions of early LinkedIn. These B2B marketing networks are much smaller in size, think hundreds rather than millions in dedicated groups with a real chance of meaningful connection plus the sharing of knowledge and job opportunities. This trend of private online networks is set to continue during. 2024. In a forthcoming blog post I will discuss one of these private networks in more detail.

3. The AI Backlash Intensifies

The very understandable backlash against artificial intelligence (AI) has already started and will intensify during 2024. For example, YouTube has made changes to discourage the use of AI generated content on its platform. Those of you who are content creators will know exactly what Eleven Labs Adam voice sounds like and how it became ubiquitous during 2023. YouTube is leaning towards de-monetizing channels that rely exclusively on AI content or Faceless channels because of the very complicated copyright issues they create. Hear more about YouTube’s platform changes in this video from VIDIQ.

4. Video Marketing Continues to Grow

Those B2B Marketers who continue to embrace video marketing on a consistent basis will maintain their advantage over companies relying solely on written content. Video marketing delivers qualified warm leads; long form content on YouTube is preferable for top of funnel awareness but also works very well at the conversion stage too. If you would like our help creating video marketing or building a Youtube channel for your business email me  via mike@marketingfundamentals.com

Take Action

Are you keen to explore Private Networks or Start Video Marketing? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you would like my help with anything else.

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