B2B Lead Generation On LinkedIn – How Can Businesses Make An Impact?

B2B Lead Generation On LinkedIn – How Can Businesses Make An Impact?

Business to business marketing is an area where a lot of businesses are investing efforts in. Businesses strive to be all the more visible to their target market. Advertising and trade shows cannot reach the growing part of the demography that turns to the internet for all kinds of information. Turning to social networking sites such as LinkedIn can help a business in B2B lead generation which is what this post discusses.

One of the best methods of B2B lead generation

When in the need of getting your brand name out there you can trust LinkedIn. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is highly business oriented. By creating a LinkedIn profile you can start to connect with other businesses. The website can be used as a marketing tool. You can create a free profile for your business. Since it is one of the most frequently visited websites in the world, you are sure to get a large audience. Hence LinkedIn can be one of the best tools for lead generation for your business.

How to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation

Using LinkedIn for lead generation is not a difficult task at all. The large volume of traffic ensures that a profile does receive some eyeballs. Even if you simply create, list and leave your profile on the website there will likely be viewers who will come across it. But your aim is not to get a few random eyeballs but to actively increase LinkedIn lead generation. The following measures will help you do so:

  • First and foremost you need to create a LinkedIn profile. Creation of a basic profile is free. But when creating your profile do not leave it incomplete. A complete profile attracts more attention than one that does not offer more information. This is because a complete profile offers more information that the businesses might be looking for and it helps your profile look more official.
  • Having created an account you might want to upgrade it. LinkedIn charges a nominal fee for this upgrade. But the upgraded profile offers more benefits. An upgraded profile is more likely to feature on top of the search lists. Hence, an upgrade can make your profile more noticeable than other profiles.
  • Leaving your upgraded profile and letting it stagnate cannot bear much fruit. You need to log in often and keep updating your profile. Connect with businesses, employees and customers and so on. The more people you connect with the more chances of gaining brand recognition. So, creating a profile is not all that you need to do.
  • There are security settings that can allow you to hide your posts. But if you are using the website as a marketing tool then there is no point in hiding anything. Change all the setting so that your profile and posts are visible to all visitors.
  • If you have blogs, videos, infographics representations then make sure that you link them to your profile. This way your target businesses can know more about your business. The more informative you make your profile the better chances you have at legitimate lead generation.
  • Create a page for your company. This allows viewers to not only know your company through your profile, but allows them to recognize your brand. You can regularly post content to the page to attract more attention.
  • Join relevant groups and participate in discussions. A lot of people join LinkedIn groups to only post their marketing material. People are tired of spam posts and usually ignore such posts. If you must make yourself visible in groups, participate in discussions and conversations. Once you gain some recognition in a particular group, people would likely click on the articles or case studies that you post in the group.

These are a few easy ways by which one can effectively use LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Stretch your imagination to make yourself more visible and to create a credible network. You will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits that come out of LinkedIn.

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