B2B Social Media – Is It Relevant For B2B Businesses?

B2B Social Media – Is It Relevant For B2B Businesses?

The world of B2B social media has altered and evolved over the years, and no wonder, nearly all marketing experts of the industry are now relying on social channels for new and valuable business connections. Today, any B2B marketing professional would be honest enough to confess on how he/she is using LinkedIn. Adding to the list of social sites is Twitter, which makes up for the second position.

B2B Social Media – Why is it important for B2B Businesses?

Presence isn’t everything, branding is

 This isn’t something most businesses know of. Just being active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn doesn’t guarantee results, but what is essential is the right content strategy.  Building brand awareness is a complicated task, where budget and strategies are to be even-handed. There are marketing experts who rely on click ads to a good extent, but unless the budget is huge enough, this can be tough.

It is wise to comprehend the visibility factor in the first place. Placing content in the right places, engaging with the users and readers and balancing act of ads can together bring some quality visibility. Brand awareness in B2B sector is created over time, and that needs consistent and unrelenting efforts from the team.

 Understand how the channels work

Social media channels work in a totally different way for B2B businesses. For Twitter, the rules are different from that of LinkedIn. You have to target the keywords, hashtags, companies and interests, each in balance. Keep in mind that keyword based search is limited on Twitter. A free service like hashtagify.me can come in handy to find the related keywords.

Compared to Twitter strategies, LinkedIn Ads are easier. The options of getting suggested titles on LinkedIn make targeting easy. Also, it is equally pertinent to be a contributor of information, because that’s what many businesses and users look up on the web. To know more read our latest blog 5 effective content marketing techniques for professional services 

Consider the sales factor

B2B social media campaigns are targeted for leads and sales generation, something that can work wonders by making the right contacts. Genuine and well-intended relationships are always worth the time and more fruitful. As such, the engagement value has to be enhanced. Apart from initiating Twitter chats and LinkedIn conversations, one has to pick up on the existing and happening conversations to gain credibility as a thought leader and knowledge provider.

While B2B social media is an important channel to connect with sales targets, professional experts do realize that this channel cannot always work on conversations. And this is why,  branding and meaningful existence on social media channels are crucial elements to plan. For the right ROI, nothing but a planned content and engagement strategy works.

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