B2B: Who Should Create Your Content Marketing?

B2B: Who Should Create Your Content Marketing?

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Hello everyone.  The truth about Content Marketing is this – It does work but it is not that easy to do well. Do you need some numbers to substantiate the efficacy of Content Marketing? If so click here . Great! Now that you are a believer your focus should turn to execution. Who is going to create your Content Marketing? How are you going to actually deliver the benefits for your business?  There are a number of resource options for you to consider.

In house Marketing Staff

You already have a marketing manager. They can be given the responsibility of creating Content Marketing for your business.

Reality check: Your existing marketing staff may not have the requisite skill set or time to create engaging Content Marketing. According to this Social Media Examiner report writing is still the bedrock of Content Marketing and marketing managers are not all natural born writers. They are often hired for their analytical and project management capabilities rather than their ability to create Content.

Recruit Interns

Millennials seem to understand Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc more than Generation X so why not hire some and give them the responsibility for Content and Social Media.

Reality Check: Millennials can be great additions to your team but they are not naturally imbued with a special power that enables to create excellent Content and use Social Media effectively. Yes, they are statistically more likely to understand the basic functionality of Twitter or Snapchat but this will not make them Content Marketing experts.

Hire a Copywriter

In the past when you’ve needed a new piece of collateral you have hired a freelance copywriter to produce a brochure, exhibition leaflet or leave behind or possibly for new sales materials.

Reality Check:

Every copywriter is not necessarily great at creating successful Content Marketing. Lots of ‘old school’ copywriters have not retrained or adapted their writing to work on the relatively new Social Media platforms. As I am writing I can think of specific copywriters who profess to not knowing how to use Twitter and LinkedIn effectively. I mention those two specifically because they are two of the most effective platforms for B2B marketers.

Hire a Head of Content Marketing

Hire a new member of staff with a remit for Content Marketing. This could be someone with a writing background who will take an editorial approach and is possibly more “hands on’ or someone from a project management perspective who will create a process and build the right team to deliver your Content Marketing Plan.

Reality Check:

This is a one of the best options. You are taking on board specialist resource to plan and execute your company ‘s Content Strategy. Depending on the personnel this route is likely to deliver two of the key benefits of Content Marketing to your business –  leads and customers.

Hire a Content Marketing Agency

Hiring a specialist Content Marketing Agency is a great option because you are accessing a team of people specifically focused on the creation and distribution of Content to generate leads and customers. They are not trying to ‘fit in’ content creation to their already busy task list. Content is their focus.

Reality Check:

They will know what works with your potential customers and the most effective Social Media platforms to reach them. They will also have a watching brief on new opportunities for your business to have a greater impact than your competitors. From a cost perspective hiring a Content Marketing Agency is likely to be more cost effective than hiring a Head of  Content Marketing and they can work with existing marketing staff.

Marketing Fundamentals Ltd are a leading B2B Content Marketing Agency in London founded in 2010. We create Content that builds relationships with your potential customers and generates leads and sales.  If you would like us to create a successful Content Marketing Plan for you or have questions relating to Content Marketing give us a call on +44 (0) 845 2264 247 or email us via mail@marketingfundamentals.com


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