Blockchain Expo Global 2018 London

Blockchain Expo Global 2018 London
Blockchain Expo Global 2018 London

Blockchain and Blockchain technology are words that you cannot escape at the moment. Blockchain technology is the foundation on which cryptocurrencies have been created and enables value to be transferred via a public ledger without the need for an intermediary. Usually your bank or a third party such as PayPal performs the the role of intermediary. However, the potential disruption that Blockchain technology could bring to the existing status quo is not limited to the financial sector.

I have written about Steemit before, if you are unsure what Steemit is, please watch, What is Steemit? and  read Conventional Social Media vs Steemit. Steemit has changed perceptions of how Social Networks can work, by giving rewards directly to content creators.

Blockchain Expo Global 2018

On April 18th and 19th, I will be attending the Blockchain Expo Global at London’s Olympia. Watch my video announcement here. There are still some free registrations available. If you are also attending it would be great to meet you there. If you have read or watched my recent posts you will know that my focus is on meeting other Steemians and others interested in blockchain technology in real life. It would be great to meet you too.

Free sign up for the event here.

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