Business growth – 3 ways to generate sales from LinkedIn without advertising

Business growth – 3 ways to generate sales from LinkedIn without advertising

Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the five most widely used social media platforms. While they all have their uses as social marketing tools, in terms of generating effective leads and sales, there is a much more effective option for online marketing – one that is strictly business. With the right tactics, your LinkedIn account and company page can become a cost effective sales generator that really works.

Follow these three simple steps to make sure your business makes the most of LinkedIn.

1. Call to Action

Start with an attention grabbing headline that tells users something about you – in your career summary create a call to action that makes it easy for people to get in touch with you or your company.

2. Form an Industry Specific Group

To provide yourself with the best chance of networking with the right people form a group that’s specific to the industry you work in. When you talk about issues that your specific group are interested in, you’re much more likely to illicit responses, which helps drive more traffic to your site and build your profile. Consider webinars and special events to attract more users to your group and increase your online presence.

3. Be Active

The more you use your LinkedIn account the more gravitas it will build. Take part in LinkedIn’s Questions and Answers but pick the things you decide to respond to strategically. You can use it as an opportunity to show off your skills but avoid pitching. Offer to make a quick call to discuss the problem and provide more detailed suggestions and at the end of the call you can then discuss your services and products.

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