Can LinkedIn Save LinkedIn Groups?

Can LinkedIn Save LinkedIn Groups?

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This video is called, Can LinkedIn Save LinkedIn Groups? By Mike Pitt.  Subscribe to the channel here. Mike Pitt is the Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd, which is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London.

In this video, Mike Pitt answers the question, Can LinkedIn Save LinkedIn Groups? LinkedIn will soon try to revive LinkedIn Groups. Will they be successful? LinkedIn Groups ‘died’ because they became Spam City. Hear Mike’s thoughts in the video.

This video will be of interest to business owners, B2B marketing managers, Content Marketing professionals, Social Media Managers and others who use Content Marketing and Social Media to promote their B2B business or organisation.

Can LinkedIn Save LinkedIn Groups?

A few years ago, LinkedIn Groups were a great place to go online to make connections and have healthy discussions about topics that related to your area of expertise. At that time,  LinkedIn Groups were integrated into the LinkedIn website and app. Unfortunately, after some time a lot of these groups became overrun with spam. Group members would post their links, often out of context of any discussion that was taking place. It became a big problem and lots of LinkedIn Groups no longer provided any true value to their members. LinkedIn is planning to revive LinkedIn Groups. Watch the video to hear Mike Pitt’s thoughts.  


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