Entrepreneurs – 5 Reasons why ‘Business as Usual’ is not Good Enough

Entrepreneurs – 5 Reasons why ‘Business as Usual’ is not Good Enough

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There are a lot of businesses proclaiming ‘business as usual’, usually against a backdrop of a competitive marketplace, a tough economic climate, building work or inclement weather; we appreciate that there are benefits to this message of consistency and reassurance. However, if you are trying to grow your business using connected leadership and establish yourself in your niche, ‘business as usual’ is the antithesis of what you need. Below are 5 reasons why business as usual is not good enough.

Business as Usual is Not Good Enough

1. Your Competitors

In our wonderful online and offline world your competitors know what you are doing and can work out your business model exactly. Not only do they know what you did last summer but most probably the whole of last year.

2. Technology

Technological advances are affecting almost every industry and you must allocate resource and most likely money to keep abreast of these changes and to apply them to your business. Those who adapt most successfully will forge ahead. M-commerce or business conducted via smartphones is just one example.

3. Your Staff

Your staff are motivated by more than their salary or pay cheque; although they may not say this directly to you as the business owner really they want to feel they are part of a special company; one that strives to change the nature of its industry by being innovative and forward-thinking.

4. Your Profits

Even if you made great profits last year that is no guarantee that this year will be the same. The path to continued business success is not in repeating what you did last year or resting on your laurels. Believe it or not there will come a point when the smartphone market is saturated with iPhones and even sales of Amazon’s Kindle will have peaked – no doubt by then Apple and Amazon will have introduced new products or pivoted in a new direction.

5. Your Vision

We’ve never read a business plan that stated an intention to have a few years of ‘business as usual’ or ‘more of the same’. If you are committed to your vision for your business you must keep striving to move forward whether that means new products/ services or entering new international markets.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner trying to avoid ‘business as usual’? We can certainly help you from a marketing perspective.

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