Entrepreneurs – Can the Harlem Shake help you promote your business?

Entrepreneurs – Can the Harlem Shake help you promote your business?

I know that you know the music…the first person dancing and then after around 17 or 18 seconds everyone goes absolutely nuts. Yes, I am talking about the Harlem Shake – the latest internet trend responsible for around 45 million views on YouTube. It look set to be this year’s ‘Gangnam Style’. There has been much discussion of the Harlem Shake at Marketing Fundamentals Ltd HQ. I know what you are thinking, this is all very amusing but how does it help you promote your business. Below are 10 businesses that could easily leverage the Harlem Shake to raise their profile and promote their businesses by quickly making their own version. Speed is of the essence, of course.

Dance Schools

Video Production companies

Photographers/ videographers

Flash Mob companies

Costume Hire Shops

Musicians /Bands

Event Management Companies

Educational institutions

Venue Hire Locations

Entertainment Industry

The Harlem Shake like any internet trend (remember planking?) is not for every company, of course. However, when executed well a topical piece showing your company’s lighter side can have more impact than many ‘safe’ communications pieces.

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