How to Build a Great E-Commerce Website

How to Build a Great E-Commerce Website

Simply put, the internet has a strong impact on our lives. After all, we use it for socializing, researching, and working. It has even presented itself as a platform where we can use it to buy different products and services. Now, there’s a complete generation of adults who are well aware of the internet and know nothing about how life operated without it. Currently, around 43% of the shoppers use it to look for a product or service that they want. As a result, the revenue of e-commerce websites has exponentially grown to $476 million in the US alone. 

In simple words, retailers cannot stay offline, otherwise, they will lose valuable customers easily. Thanks to e-commerce websites because they empower the customers to acquire a unique user experience of shopping online. So if you want to start an e-commerce business, the basic idea will be, begin with, a stellar-looking website. You can either choose to build one yourself or hire a web developer. Here, we will shed light on how you can build a good e-commerce website:

1. Consider the E-Commerce Platform

For your information, there are three different kinds of e-commerce platforms, open-source, SaaS, and headless commerce. Starting with the first one, open-source allows you to code freely without paying. This means it is free to install and can easily be customized according to your needs. However, it entails having advanced knowledge of coding to work on it. 

On the other hand, Software as a service is a platform that allows you to create a website by investing your money. Lastly, headless commerce provides you with a shopping cart and an additional layer of e-commerce sites for references. 

There are also lots of companies that allow you to create your website in a number of clicks. Check out Shopify, WordPress or Wix.  Depending on how complex you want your website to be, any of these are really good options. Some platforms focus only on e-commerce and they will probably be the easiest to manage your online store.  Some websites like, decided to use Bigcommerce which specialized in e-commerce. If you want something that is only for e-commerce, then check out Bigcommerce or Shopify. 

2. Website Performance

If your website takes too long to load or fails to load for first-time visitors, they won’t bother coming to your platform again. Now that there are hundreds of e-commerce websites out there, choosing the right one can be very daunting for the customer. However, a positive website experience is beneficial for ensuring the customer makes their purchase. 

In addition, your website should have the capacity to cater to the current traffic needs. You would not want a situation where your website crashes because too many people visited and your hosting package was not large enough.  

3. Website Should be Optimized For Mobile

A large number of online shoppers look for products and services from their phones, so if your website fails to load on their mobiles or is too slow, you will eventually lose a lot of customers. Look for different ways your website can be operated from mobile without any obstacles. 

This way, customers can easily find you, if your store is near their house. Also, don’t forget to offer secure payment modes to your customers.

4. Create an Interesting Domain Name

Always choose a domain name that resonates with your customers. Simply put, it shouldn’t be that hard to spell or type. Make it easy for your customers to remember you or to mention to their friends.  

Avoid generic names that have already been taken and try to stand out with your choice. Take your time and look for a brand-able name that can easily be recognized by the customers. Remember that your domain name will be a representation of your brand in the international market, so you need to be wise enough when choosing one. 


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