10 Essentials for every blog post

10 Essentials for every blog post

Great blog posts should make you want more from the blogger and encourage you to read more from them. Unfortunately, only a few of the blogs manage that kind of response. Some writers suffer from the lack of words, while others derail a good post, just for the lack of clarity in presentation. Keeping the needs of every business blog in mind, here is a quick take on 10 essentials that every blog should have.

How to make a successful blog for businesses?

  1. That captivating headline– You know a blog makes and mints money when readers actually go through it. Much before you can expect a reader to check the content, you need that smart headline that can talk wonders and bring in that excitement value.
  2. Get that intro right– Smart headline but lack of good introduction- that’s a combination that can kill a blog for sure! Every post needs those accurate words to start, something that brings in the engagement value to read on with the flow of sentences.
  3. Context your audience: The right choice of words is what makes a writer or blogger popular in his crowd. No matter the target audience, you need to pick the words that are contextual and worth the attention. After all, there’s nothing like talking your words like your audience.
  4. Know your sentences: This is where most bloggers fail to strike the chord. Sentences should be like those juicy words forming an ensemble cast. The rule remains simple- keep the sentences short and let every sentence get in the guessing mode on what’s coming next!
  5. Take in subheads and bullets: Not necessarily every blog needs sub headings and bullet points, but there is no denying that both make the text readable. After all, who has the time to read bland paragraphs for 20 minutes, when the same info can be much more presentable? Still wondering on why infographics are so popular?
  6. Keep the images in control: A nice blog looks nicer when the images are more supportive to the context of the content. Seems easy, but many bloggers and writers do get it wrong. You need strong images that can compel the reader to check the complete text.
  7. Let the story do the talking– Blog posts have a purpose, but strangely, many of us don’t write in the sense we started off. The art of linking paragraphs and bringing in a true clear picture at the end is a must for every post, irrespective of the field.
  8. Make that genuinely honest: Nothing beats the quality of a 100% genuine post. In a world where every single internet user and business has a blog, you know originality is the key to get the pulse of the audience.
  9. The ability to trend: Why do you think some blogs trend faster than others? The reason is often in those build of words and engagement value. If you are blogger or a business in need for some quality audience, read your own posts like the audience!
  10. Close it on the right note: Just like your intro is the key to the rest of the post, the closure tells if the reader is going to come back for the next post. Let your closing sentences have something worth attention and charming.

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