How To Reach Out To Social Influencers Successfully

How To Reach Out To Social Influencers Successfully

Influencer marketing revolves around a mutually-benefiting relationship. Unfortunately, many marketers fail to establish this relationship successfully. In turn, they struggle to convince quality influencers to partner with them in promoting their brands. As a marketing professional trying to attract the right influencers, you need to learn the ins and outs of reaching out to them. Then, you will be able to persuade them to work with you to launch a successful campaign. Read this post to discover how to reach out to social influencers.


Review Their Collaboration Policies


Before you initiate the conversation, review your prospective influencers’ collaboration policies. The best place to search for this crucial piece of information is on their websites. Most influencers include links to their sites on their social media profiles so that marketing teams can find their collaboration policies easily. Review each candidate’s policy to determine whether they partake in such partnerships in the first place. That way, you can save yourself time and energy. If you read a prospect’s policy and find out that your brand does not meet their criteria, you can avoid spending time on reaching out to them. Therefore, reviewing your candidates’ collaboration policies is key to reaching out to social influencers.

Reach out to Social Influencers

Brainstorm Profitable Campaign Ideas


Another necessary step to take when reaching out to social influencers is to brainstorm profitable campaign ideas. After all, your goal when contacting candidates is to convince them to work with you. Without convincing ideas up your sleeve, you will not achieve this goal. Take the time to generate ideas based on your competitors’ influencer campaigns and any past experiences you have had yourself. Consider current industry trends to come up with ideas that influencers can relate back to their followers. If you brainstorm profitable campaign ideas, influencers will have a hard time denying your offer when you reach out.


Get Recognized By Your Candidates


Marketing professionals convince social influencers to work with them by getting recognized by them before even reaching out. This is a necessary part of the outreach journey because it gives marketers an advantage. If your candidates already know of your brand before you reach out to them, they are more likely to consider your offer. Especially with influencer platforms like available, your brand can stand out from the crowd. Additionally, a great way to gain this recognition is to follow them on social channels and start liking their posts. You can even comment on their content to find out how engaging they are with their audiences. Use this advice to successfully reach out to social influencers.


Be Personal With Initial Outreach


Moreover, personalized approaches lead marketing teams to success. When you each out to a prospective influencer with a generic template, they recognize that you have not put any effort into the message. In contrast, influencers appreciate marketers who personalize their emails and/or direct messages. Personalized initial messages show influencers that you care about your brand and the people who work with you. Use their names and bring up any relevant background information that you have gathered about them. Mention that you checked out their blog or elaborate on one of their recent social media posts. However you decide to personalize your initial outreach, it will pay off and earn you quality social influencers.


Follow Up On Your Proposal


In addition to the above methods for reaching out to social influencers, always follow up on your proposals. If a candidate does not answer your email and/or direct message after a few days, it may have gotten lost in their inbox. By sending them a second message, you increase your chances of getting noticed. When you reach out for a second time, refer back to your first message. Provide them with a bit more information about your collaboration options and the brand itself. As always, provide a call-to-action that is both convincing and clear. Then, you will attract them enough to join your promotional social influencer team.


Your main goal when reaching out to social influencers is to convince them to collaborate with your brand. Before you can even begin to draft a proposal, you need to review their collaboration policies. Brainstorm campaign ideas and use them to convince candidates that you want to build a mutually-benefiting campaign. Before sending an initial message, get yourself recognized by following candidates and liking their posts. Add personalized touches to your first message to show that you care about your influencers. Finally, follow up on your initial proposal when recipients do not answer after a few days. By following these steps, you will succeed in reaching out to social influencers.

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