How to Start a Blog – Guidelines for businesses

How to Start a Blog – Guidelines for businesses

First off, kudos to your decision to start a business blog. This is indeed a bandwagon that businesses cannot afford to miss if they are looking to build a brand and hence grow their customer base. A blog does wonders to a business by considerably increasing the visibility. While we have already shared the numerous benefits of blog writing and content marketing, this post is aimed at helping you by showing you how to start a blog with actionable steps. Do try out these guidelines to create your own blog, quickly and easily.

How to start a blog? –  Guidelines for businesses

Choose a popular blogging platform and host it on main site

Before anything else, you have to decide upon a proper blog platform. As soon as you have decided, you will have to link that platform with your main site. In this day and age of high end competition, it is no longer adequate to create a blog from a free blogging platform. You have to move a step ahead of others and host it on your own site. Choose an adept tech geek in order to get this job done, in a jiffy.

Choose an ideal keyword for search engine optimization

There are many prospective customers who might require the solutions and services you provide. However, they cannot reach your site due to lack of visibility. Under such situations, you can ensure an ideal keyword in all your blogs. This will help your viewers reach you easily and quickly. Now, wondering what this keyword is? Well, it is simply the first thing that might come to your mind when you are searching for anything in Google. Choose an ideal keyword to get your blog tad more popular among the mass.

A small tip: Obscure keywords may not be beneficial in driving traffic to your website. So, while brainstorming on random keywords make sure to choose something which is more specific to your business. Creating content for end user will always pays off.

Eg: For a legal services firm, instead of blogging around keywords like “legal services firm London” (which most of the competitors will also be targeting), try to find out keywords a prospective client might be using like “How to sue a business for negligence?” Popular search engines auto complete service alone will help to identify some popular topics.

Do a quick competitor check

Businesses operate in a competitive landscape (unless you are a monopoly). Therefore, before you delve into writing, it’s recommended that you do a quick check on your competitors’ blogs. Observe and understand factors such as the nature of content, engagement levels with their audience, popularity of articles and other such related factors. This will give you a fair idea of what your consumers look for and their preferences.

Create a unique style  

Now that your competitor study is done, it’s all about differentiation. You don’t want to be another “Me-too” business. While the competitor study will help you to have an idea of what sells and what people enjoy or look for, it will also give you an opportunity to spot the gaps that you can fill with your own unique content. Before you start writing, have a think about how different you want your Blog to be and what should it do for your customers.

Tip: Images communicates better than words, so using pictorial presentation of facts and figures attracts user interest.

Time to Plan  

With the groundwork done, now it’s time to have a plan for your Blog. Although, it’s not mandatory to have a formal plan to start a blog but it definitely helps one reap maximum benefits from a blog. So, what’s the plan here? A plan will contain the frequency and schedule of your blog posts. A blog is beneficial only when you are regular with it and produce relevant content. The more you get organized about it, the more seamlessly it will fit in along with your other commitments. We suggest that you line up your blog topics and fix the schedule for blog publishing well in advance. You may have a weekly, fortnight or even a monthly plan as per your convenience.

Voila! Finally, Go for the first post

With all checks completed and plan in place, you can now start with your first blog post. While writing the post, make sure you use simple and easily comprehensible language. Do not use too much of exclamations or complicated words. Try to keep the content precise, meaningful and to the point. Do not move astray from your topic and ensure that you are tied to the subject you are writing about. Also, do not directly put your agendas before everything else. Write the content in such a manner that customers are inclined to avail your services. So, while writing your first blog make sure to write grammatical glitch free and absolutely well written stuff that adds value to your reader.

Patience is still a virtue

Yes, you are excited about your blog launch; however, websites rarely enjoy huge popularity overnight. So, after getting your blog published, be patient. Traffic will soon generate and people would love your blog if it has a unique style, connects with your readers and provides relevant and regular content.

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