In Your Experience, Which Social Network is the Most Engaged?

In Your Experience, Which Social Network is the Most Engaged?

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This is blog post 343. This blog post is an answer I gave on Quora to the question, In your experience, which Social Network is the most engaged?  I decided to share it here because I believe it will help those of you who work in B2B marketing.


Which Social Network is the Most Engaged?

Let’s pretend that all social networks are equally relevant for your audience and/ or community. Of course they are not but let’s pretend. Which Social Network is the most engaged? I would say that right now Snapchat is the most engaged social network.

Snapchat User Engagement

In January of this year Snapchat announced that Snapchat users were watching 7 billion video views per day. This figure has now risen to 8 billion. This figure is impressive in itself but even more so when it is considered that it comes from a base of 100 million users. Facebook views are comparable but from a base of over 1 billion users. You Tube also has comparable daily view numbers but from a base of 1.3 billion active users.

Snapchat is different to other social networks in a few ways. For example, it is not easy to work out with any certainty how many followers someone has on the platform. It has not yet been monetized by marketing people (I am guilty of being one) but has a highly engaged youthful audience.

I am a passive user on the platform and I am currently exploring the new Geo Filters functionality. I think Snapchat will grow significantly over the next 12-18 months. If you want to follow me on Snapchat my username is TheMikePitt.  I look forward to seing you there.

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This is blog post number 343.

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