How do you Evaluate Your Marketing Activity? 6 tips

How do you Evaluate Your Marketing Activity? 6 tips

Hello everyone. Evaluation is an important part of the marketing process. In creating a plan to market your business no doubt you will be involved in a number of marketing activities including using Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business. Those two Social Media platforms have proved particularly effective for a lot of our clients who are professional services companies. It is wonderful that you have taken action and started to execute your marketing strategy but how often do you evaluate what you are doing? Tracking effectiveness of marketing activity is not only for the large multinational corporations who have money and resources dedicated to it – every business owner should be doing this. Where do you start?

Marketing Activity – 6 tips to evaluate.

1. List – Write down a list of every marketing activity you are engaged in for your business.

2. Assess – Assess every current or recent customer and attribute the source of that lead to the marketing activity that generated that lead.

3. Find your best – Examine your list of marketing activities and work out your most effective marketing activities.

4. Find your worst – Examine your list of least effective marketing activities and prepare to stop doing them.

5. Data analysis – Use all available data including Google Analytics, email open and click rates and Social Media software to deepen your knowledge of the most successful marketing activities specifically for your business.

6. Frequency – Repeat this exercise at least once a month and possibly more frequently depending on your niche. Ensure that you implement the necessary changes – do not continue with activities that are not yielding a good return. For, example, if you have a Facebook page that has not resulted in a single lead – stop devoting time and resource to it. You need to focus on what is working and not become attached to any particular activity.

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