Entrepreneurs – How do you generate new business? 5 strategies that work

Entrepreneurs – How do you generate new business? 5 strategies that work

In many ways summer time is a wonderful time; great weather, sporting triumphs to celebrate and generally speaking more fun to be had all round. Unfortunately it is a also a time when many non seasonal businesses struggle to keep their turnover and revenue levels high.

Generating new business is a year round activity, of course, but the benefits can be seen very clearly during the summer when a lot of companies experience an unofficial slow down but the successful ones do not. How do you generate new business? Below are five strategies that work. Remember that you can combine strategies and develop a formula suitable for your niche.

New Business Development – 5 Strategies that work

1. Content Marketing – Is our core activity here at Marketing Fundamentals Ltd. If you don’t know what content marketing is watch this video entitled – What is content marketing?

2. Upselling – It is far easier to sell or ‘upsell’ to existing or lapsed customers than it is to attract new ones. For more info on successful upselling tactics click this post – SME Owners – 7 Classic upsell techniques you should be using now

3. Networking – Face to face networking is still vitally important. Set your objectives beforehand, pick your events wisely and do not try to have too many conversations – quality not quantity. Remember to evaluate usefulness 6-8 weeks after the event.

4. Local Marketing – Local marketing can be extremely effective in generating new business for your company. Read this post to find out how. Entrepreneurs – 15 ways to dominate your local market

5. Email Marketing – For most businesses their database is the foundation of the business. It will include current and lapsed customers, prospects and leads. You must have a structured email marketing strategy. Read this post for tips – SME Owners – 16 tips for successful ‘opt in’ email campaigns

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