Professional Services: 6 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Better Than Your Credentials Presentation

Professional Services: 6 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Better Than Your Credentials Presentation

Let’s imagine that you are the owner or work for a professional services company – no need to imagine for most of you because we know that is exactly what you do. Your customers are business to business customers.Our clients are people like you and we enjoy helping you to build your businesses. Anyway, back to your scenario. Let’s assume it is your responsibility to attract and secure new business.

Professional Services Marketing: New Business

What methods are you using to do this? Are you contacting companies directly?  Finding out the decision-maker and attempting to book a meeting? Are you sending a generic email to a lukewarm database? Are you using LinkedIn and sending InMails? Are you relying solely on your personal network and that of your colleagues? All of these techniques can work but I like to think of them as analogous to a fisherman experimenting with different types of bait. He is still attempting to catch a fish and you are still attempting to ‘catch’ a new client. A much better scenario is for the fish to jump into your keep net. This is what will happen with Content Marketing and here’s why:

Professional Services Marketing: Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Relationship Building – When you create valuable Content that solves the problems of your leads and prospects you start to build a relationship with them.

2. Positive Contact Points – Delivering valuable Content in the form of blog posts, white papers, video content, white papers, PDF downloads, audio content and infographics increases your positive contact points with your prospects &  customers.

3. Amplify Your Content – Using the most relevant Social Media platforms allows you to amplify your Content and ensure that it reaches your target audience.

4. Favourable Comparisons – Your proactivity in solving your customers problems leads to favourable comparisons with your competitors in the minds of your intended audience. You will become an authority in your niche.

5. Problem Solver – When prospects contact you in response to a piece of Content they are identifying with a particular problem so you know how to help them!

6. Prospects Make Up Their Mind – Prospects have already made up their mind that you can help them because you have created Content with a solution to their problem.

Content Marketing versus Credentials Presentation

Let’s now consider the standard business credentials presentation. The format is fairly predictable. In such a presentation you usually cover the following information:when the company was established, what you do, how many people are employed by the company, who your most impressive clients  are, who will be in team and perhaps a couple of case studies that may or may not be very relevant to the person / people you are meeting. This is all information that your prospective customer is probably only mildly interested in whereas a Content Marketing approach focuses on information your prospects are actively searching for now. A successfully executed Content Marketing strategy will lead to more prospects and more customers.

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