Professional Services: What Happens When you Stop Blogging?

Professional Services: What Happens When you Stop Blogging?

What happens to your Professional Services business when you stop blogging?  First, let’s s take a step back. Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the benefits of regular blogging for your business. For those of you who are new to this blog the benefits are these: Better search engine results, more leads and customers. niche leadership, new opportunities & build a community. If you would like more information on how blogging is able to achieve all of this send me an email and I will send you some resources explaining this in detail. The benefits of blogging are clear but what is not often covered is what happens when you stop blogging after a period of regular blogging. Let’s cover that now.

1. Direct Traffic to Your Website Declines

If you analyse your  company website’s Google Analytics report in any detail you’ll see that one of your traffic sources will be ‘direct’. There are a number of sources of direct traffic to your website.  This article will help you become familiar with them but what is abundantly clear is that no regular content will result in a decline in direct traffic.

2. Social Sharing via Social Media Networks will Decline

All things being equal once you stop creating and publishing new Content the amount of Social sharing of your Content on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and  Pinterest is likely to decline. Less sharing means fewer people will come into contact with your company’s Content and your chances of establishing niche leadership and building a community will diminish.

3. Your Search Engine Ranking for Targeted Keywords is Likely to Suffer

When creating Content for your business it should always be optimised for your chosen keywords. Content must be thought of as a partner to a clearly defined SEO strategy. If you would like to read a little more about Content and SEO read How to optimise your blog – 5 steps . When you stop blogging you will start to rank less strongly for your chosen keywords. Having climbed the greasy pole of Search Engine Ranking to the first or second page of Google (and other search engines ) you do not want to slide back down to  oblivion (page 3 and beyond).  Search Engine Ranking is responsible for Organic traffic to your site so once again traffic is likely to decrease when you stop blogging.

4. Your Website Begins to Look Dated Leading to Fewer New Opportunities

It is usually very easy to identify when a website has stopped creating new Content. Visitors have less reason to come back to your site  if you no longer creating fresh Content and you will not be presenting an image of a progressive and dynamic company. People often want to connect with thought leaders and dynamic companies to discuss opportunities and partnerships. These sort of opportunities will pass you by if you stop creating Content.

There is  no need to stop blogging, of course. Working with a Content Marketing Agency will mean that your company can produce an ongoing stream of quality content and receive all the benefits outlined in the first paragraph.

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