Social Media is Not Free

Social Media is Not Free

Social Media is Not Free By Mike Pitt. This is video number 149 and blog post number 356. Mike Pitt is the Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd. In this video post Mike Pitt explains why Social Media is Not Free.

Social Media is Not Free

Many marketing agencies and individuals regularly mention that Social Media is free. This information is incorrect because Social Media is not free. There is not a cost for creating an account on the most popular Social Media platforms but there is still a very real human resource cost. Using UK salaries as an example, if you are paying a Digital Marketing Executive an annual salary of £24,000.00 and they are primary engaged in Social Media then your monthly cost is £2000.00 per month. National Insurance employer contributions would need to be added to this figure of course. Business owners must be conscious of the investment they are already making in Social Media.

Given that financial investment is being made it would be preferable to consider specialist Content Marketing Agencies who have proven experience delivering a good Return on Investment for their clients rather than a member of staff picked primarily because of their age. It is definitely worth serious consideration.

Mike makes additional points in the video, please click here to watch it.

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