Charlotte Poskitt
An Experienced B2B Content Marketer; Currently Leading The Marketing At Quotient Europe
We have really enjoyed working with Mike, and learned a lot about social media and blogging. If your company needs to get up to speed on all things social – from understanding concepts, to needing someone to deliver a fully-fledged programme of activities, I would recommend Mike.
May 26, 2016, Charlotte was Mike’s client

Adam Goodson
Founder and CEO at Impactful Changes Hypnosis LLC
After Receiving in-depth training from Mr Pitt on Business Communications for Blogging and Social Media I was able to speak and recognize key concepts and vocabulary that were essential to my workplace and my personal business as well.

Currently, I have conversations with several business owners who are under the impression that merely writing a blog will bring sales…more

May 14, 2016, Adam was Mike’s client

Melinda Yeaman
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, Podcaster – March 6, 2014,

“I had the pleasure of first connecting with Mike when we at Outlier Magazine reached out to him for an interview for our entrepreneurial podcast, Outlier On Air. Mike gave a fabulous interview which was well received and continues to gather downloads throughout the globe. His relevant knowledge about online marketing is on pace with the changing trends and he has fresh, new ideas with solid reasoning and examples to support it.

Mike has proven himself to be a serious marketer, author and content creator in the online space. We have developed a promising relationship with him and look forward to partnering with him as we grow. It is my pleasure to personally know and work with Mike and I confidently recommend his services.”

Dani Waldrop
artist at Yeshua’s Child Art – June 14, 2012

“Mike is an exceptional marketer who understands the challenges that startups face today – and how to solve them. He has excellent ideas and strategies for creative branding and marketing. I have been in online marketing for over 12 years, have worked with some very well-known marketing professionals, and he is on a par with any of them.”

Dani Waldrop
Jose Herraez Melo
Web Business Consultant – June 18th 2013

Mike is a great person all around. I have been thinking of a negative aspect from Mike to try and make this recommendation as unbiased as possible, but to be honest, I can’t think of any. He is a very creative person who loves the world of marketing. He has a great knowledge in the marketing section, both online and offline. Amazing personality, always great to have him around. From a business partners perspective, 5 stars. He is punctual, he works hard, efficiency is not an issue and most importantly he has a great personality. A great value to any team in any field from every single dynamic. I highly recommend him. Now we are working on a project together www.yourliferecords.com and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring, very confident!l

February 19, 2012 – Lorraine Richardson – Founder of Nailspec Ltd

“I find that Mike of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd clearly has great passion for what he does and has in depth knowledge and initiative when it comes to marketing. He has been a great help to me and has given practical, yet wonderfully valuable advice for building my business at different stages. I would highly recommend his services.”

July 4, 2011 – Myrah Nelson – Founder, AddVantage Save Ltd

It is a pleasure to recommend Mike Pitt and Marketing Fundamentals Ltd. He has been an excellent consultant and business partner for AddVantage Save Ltd. He is very hands on, effective, and above all knowledgeable in the field of marketing. Marketing Fundamentals Ltd’s direction and constant input enabled us to create some great marketing materials, receive free PR, and earned ourselves a friend and a great partner. I will recommend Marketing Fundamentals for all your Marketing needs, without reservation.”

November 2010 – Tariq Mohammed – Founder – Taym Group

We brought in Marketing Fundamentals to help us stage events designed to stimulate trade between Sudan and the United Kingdom. Each project was politically sensitive and had to be handled delicately – Marketing Fundamentals adapted brilliantly and helped us make better inroads in the Sudanese business community in the UK and in Khartoum.

October 2010 – Dominic Essien – CEO www.seedmediang.com

We initially started to work with Marketing Fundamentals in March of 2009 and have been using them effectively as our UK presence since then. They have executed a number of UK media campaigns for our clients. What we appreciate most about them is that they seem to operate as a ‘rapid response unit’ at all times plus they are adaptable and knowledgeable about the West African market.

September 2010 – Omron Khan, Founder – Taqaddum

Marketing Fundamentals proved themselves to be superb marketeers, able to plan and implement every task and see it through to success. We contracted them to work on a number of global projects and what impressed us at Taqaddum was their ability to cross cultures and sectors and adapt to new audiences. They tailored their style and made the transition from UK and European-based clients to technology and education in the UAE with consummate ease. They have excellent client facing skills, are calm and diplomatic and have created strong and trusted client relationships.

Please see video testimonials for most recent testimonials and read the case studies. Thanks!

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