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shaawasmund shaawasmund @
@themikepitt “blush” πŸ™‚

prservicesuk Rita @
@TheMikePitt no problems, keep up the great content!

creative1st Creative First @
@TheMikePitt Enjoyed this – thanks for tweeting

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
Love your refreshed website @themikepitt which is easier to navigate, more inviting to read & full of great advice, I will visit again πŸ™‚

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
Partnering with a complementary business and why it could be right for you from
@themikepitt | Liking your thinking Mike

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
25 excellent tips here for fellow #smes about #cashflow from @themikepitt | Thank you

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
RT @themikepitt: #SME – How do you know when your SME has come of age? 5 key indicators – | Thanks Mike, great goals

deltacoaching Lol Trendall @
@TheMikePitt – liked “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” Thomas Watson, Sr.

@newsreach Sammi Turner
Hi @TheMikePitt and like your blog on quotes.

jenallenmassage Jennifer Allen @
@TheMikePitt in this instance 25 ways to get more customers

@ jenallenmassage Jennifer Allen @
@TheMikePitt good advice thanks

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