Why Your Business Needs Email

Why Your Business Needs Email

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As the Founder of a Content Marketing Agency for B2B businesses, I am often immersed in our core activities which are, creating new blog content for our clients and distributing that content via Social Media. Many people think of Content Marketing as just a top of the sales funnel activity, but it is much more than that. Let me explain, below is a visual representation of a sales funnel*.

sales funnel

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The Benefits of Using Email

Email Allows You to Nurture Leads

Content Marketing has proven itself to be very effective at attracting new leads into B2B businesses at the top of the funnel but also nurturing those leads lower down the funnel.

Usually, prospects will sign up to your mailing list in return for an incentive such as an eBook, downloadable PDF or a White Paper. It is essential that you build up your mailing list because email marketing will allow you to nurture your prospects in a structured way.

When you distribute content via Social Media you hope that your audience is online and active on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook at the time that your tweet or update appears. If they are not, you will  miss them.

This is not a problem that you have with email; your emails will go into your prospect’s inbox and be seen by them, providing they pass through spam filters of course.

Email is therefore a vitally important communications channel for your business. In addition to the key Social Media platforms, it one that we use at Marketing Fundamentals Ltd. We are not alone.

Email is Great For Delivering Content

When the Content Marketing Institute surveyed* UK B2B Marketers they found that email was the top format used to distribute Content, as demonstrated below.

Content Marketing Institute - Use of email

Email is Very Effective

When compared with other communications channels,  email was found to be the most effective format for achieving specific objectives.

Content Marketing Institute - Email Effectiveness

Email is Versatile

Email is very versatile, you can send a wide range of communications pieces safe in the knowledge that they will reach their intended recipient. The different content types are listed below; event emails, automated confirmation emails and newsletters have proven to be the most popular.

Content Marketing Institute - Types of Email


The case for B2B business people to use email is compelling, the next consideration is who should you choose as your email service provider?

There’s nothing wrong with starting off with free templates and services as a small company. However, you will have an important decision to make when you want to upgrade your email communications.

There are literally hundreds of email service providers in the marketplace, our recommendation is for Constant Contact.

Why Constant Contact?

1. Easy to use templates

2. Great tracking and data available

3. Free trial period of one month

You can sign up to Constant Contact here. 

Some of the templates available

constant contact templates

A sample of the reporting available 


If you are now ready to take your email marketing up a notch, click on the link below to get a free month with Constant Contact.

Get a Month Free With Constant Contact

We believe that Constant Contact has the flexibility to meet your email needs.

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* – The sales funnel is merely a graphic representation, in reality the sales process is less linear now due to information readily available via the internet. Prospects may already have made up their mind before they contact you.

** To read the Content Marketing Institute’s Report in its entirety click here. 


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