How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Services Business Website

How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Services Business Website

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How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Services Business Website by Mike Pitt. Mike Pitt, Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd discusses one effective technique that he has used to drive traffic from Pinterest to the this website. It is a straightforward technique that you can replicate for your Services business and he invites you to do so and then let him know how what happened from a website traffic perspective. When you have tried the technique please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Drive Traffic From Pinterest

” Today I want to talk to you about driving traffic from Pinterest to your services business website. There was a feeling or a belief when Pinterest was launched in March 2010 that it would be great for visual industries and e-commerce. The common consensus was that  if you were a photographer or an interior designer it would help you to showcase your portfolio, highlight locations and attract leads and customers and generally it was believed that it would not be suitable for services businesses. However, using Pinterest also works for services businesses and I will show you how.

I have kept my Pinterest account as a personal account and I am aware that I could convert it to a business account. At the time of recording I have over 800 followers acquired without the use of any Pinterest management tools and I have 23 boards. The boards reflect my personality and I started to be active on Pinterest long before I had any plan to commercialise my engagement. How do you  Pinterest as a services business? Here is a one of my boards called Marketing Fundamentals Ltd. You can see that the images are taken from blog posts on the company website. The only link underneath each pin is a link to the corresponding blog post. If people are interested in the image they will click on the link and read the blog post. This is a very simple and effective technique and you can see the results in your Google Analytics report which will show Pinterest as one of the drivers of traffic to your website.  Start using this technique and and let us know how you are getting on in the comments section below.”

2018 Update

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