Case Study – TSIP & Project Oracle



The Social Innovation Partnership TSIP is a social business that advises organisations how to construct evidence based social projects. Their focus is social enterprises. Project Oracle is a children and youth focused evidence hub.


Teach TSIP and Project Oracle staff how to use Social Media effectively.

Empower staff to implement and effectively evaluate their Social Media activity.

Enable TSIP and Project Oracle to build an audience with Social enterprises/ NGOs & think tanks.


Weekly Content Marketing and Social Media tutorials with follow up actions homework to be completed before next module started.

Feedback / critique of potential blog post titles, draft blog posts, video footage.

Educate team on most effective Social Media software and criteria for evaluation.


TSIP and Project Oracle teams were empowered and upped their blog content creation to a weekly frequency.

Twitter followings for both entities increased as did levels of engagement.

Web traffic increased significantly during first 3 months.

New leads and enquiries were generated as a direct result of the Content and Social Media strategy.



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