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Blog Posts For Clients

Hello everyone! On this page you will find live examples of blog posts written for clients and published on their websites.

The blog posts are taken from many sectors and will give you a good understanding of the written content that we create for our clients.

We have even more examples than the 173 you can see here, so if your sector is not represented feel free to request a consultation with me via 

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Property Investment

How does our Approach Differ From Property Crowdfunding?

Regional Focus: Spotlight on the North East

Should you Invest in Homes for Retired People?

The Changing Nature of the Buy to Let Market

Serviced Accommodation: When Being Flexible Pays Off!

6 Month Property Deal Update – ‘Off to a Flying Start!’

The latest addition to our HMO Portfolio

Third House Purchase – You make money when you buy, not when you sell

This £3 Million New Build Strategy Could ‘Blow the Doors Off’

A maisonette in London for under £50,000, how did that happen?

Practical Property Investment: House into Two Flats

Is Buying at Auction Too Risky?

How to Add £2 of Value for Every £1 Invested in Home Improvements

Now is an Ideal time for Property Investors

Why Should Developers Use The JCT Minor Works Contract?

Who Should be in Your Power Team?

How to Maximise the GDV of a Residential Property

Is Buy to Flip Now More Attractive than Buy to Let

Did you Think Property Investing was out of Your Reach?

2nd Property Purchase in 7 Days

Our Latest Property Purchase Confirmed

How to Identify a Good Location for Your Investment Property

4 Ways to Start in Property Without Any Cash

The one Trait That all Entrepreneurs Share

Redundancy: No Good Way to Deliver Bad News

The Dark Side of Success

Dealing With Customer Service Issues Head On…

Building & Construction

Is Passenger Traffic Management at Holborn a Model for all Stations?

Who Built the First Solar-Powered Elevator?

Who built the First Magic Carpet ® Ski Lift?

New Staff: Who are our new Arrivals?

Elevators: What are Priority Controls?

Who Invented the Seismic Switch for Elevators?

How Does A Nickel Help Create the World’s Smoothest Elevator Rides?

What are the Tallest Buildings on Each Continent?

Who built the Medellín Escalator?

Where is the Highest Escalator in the World?

Who Built the Largest Spiral Escalator in the World?

Who built the Falkirk Wheel?

Who built Britain’s first electric lift?

Who Built the National Lift Tower?

Industry Pioneers: Peter Ellis – the Father of the Paternoster

Spotlight on Innovation: OTIS GeN2 Switch Technology

Unusual Lifts: What are Vacuum lifts?

Should the Paternoster lift be confined to History?

Industry Pioneers: Dr. Joris Schroeder and the Miconic 10

Spotlight on Cardiff

Unusual Lifts: What are the Magic Carpet Lifts of New Zealand?

Spotlight on Leeds

How Does thee Schmid Peoplemover Work?

What Makes the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway Different?

What Does Destination Control look like in practice? 2 Examples

Industry Pioneers: Professor Eric Laithwaite – The Father of Maglev

Who built the world’s first underwater elevator?

What was our project in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin City? 

Spotlight on Innovation: What is Switchable Glass? 

What was the biggest challenge with the Sowwah Square project in Abu Dhabi?

Innovation: What is special about the lifts at the QT hotel in Sydney?

What was different about the HKSB building designed by Lord Foster?

Five of the world’s most Impressive Escalators

Five of the world’s most Amazing Elevators

Where is the world’s highest Outdoor Elevator?

Marine Elevators – When was the first elevator installed on a Yacht?

Spotlight on Technology: How do you ensure Elevator ride quality? 

Spotlight on Innovation: What is Whispering Windows Technology?

Where was the first Travelator installed?

Spotlight on Innovation: What is Lightspeed Technology?

Double Deck Elevators: Where was the first one?

How did the Schindler Group become so successful?

Conference Overview: Facades Design & Engineering – UAE Summit

Spotlight on Dubai

Curved escalators: Who made the first one? 

What can we learn from the career of Elisha Otis?

How do you stay safe on escalators? – 12 Do’s and Don’ts

What should you consider when choosing a car lift? 5 Pointers

Spotlight on: Ireland

Spotlight On: Liverpool

What is Maintenance Management? How do we handle it?

Why use a consultancy for Façade Access and Building Maintenance Units?

Why do you need an elevator & escalator equipment consultancy? 6 reasons.

What have we done to enable Equality Access?

How has the vertical transportation industry responded to society’s demands for energy efficiency?

What are the benefits of Destination Selection Control?

How do you ensure that a high rise can meet the needs of the people using it? 5 Considerations

FMCG & Promotional Marketing 

FMCGs: 3 FMCG Brands Providing Real Value Through Owned Media

How do Consumers Discover New Products?

What Is The Google ‘Buy’ Button?

Why Is ‘Social Media Sampling’ A Win-Win Scenario?

How Can FMCG Brands Work With Social Influencers?

FMCG: How Did Buxton Water Use Twitter So Effectively?

Should FMCGs Be Using Facebook Groups?

Which FMCG Related Brand Is Doing Well On Instagram?

How Can FMCG Brands Reduce Video Abandonment?

FMCG: Is Pre-Shopping More Important Than In-Store Promotions?

FMCG: 6 Steps For Inspiring ‘Foodie’ Millennials

FMCG: How Do You Cut Through The Social Media Noise?

How Did The Saucy Fish Co Use Digital To Build A Community & Sales?

What Can Brands Do To Protect Their Supermarket Listing?

Does Your New Product Launch Checklist Include These Activities?

The Little Secret Behind The Green Giant – Minions Promotion

How Did Innocent Use Social Media To Re-launch Veg Pots?

How Has Product Sampling Changed in the Social Media Age?

Why Are FMCG Brands Launching ‘Direct to Consumer’ Marketing Initiatives?

Sponsorship Activation: Crabbies “Win a Million” Grand National Competition

Marketing Agency Growth 

5 Lessons for CEOs From Sir Martin Sorrell 

Should You Change Your Leadership Style to Achieve Growth

Why Do Some Agency Mergers Fail? 

Planning For Exit: How To Retain Your Talent

Business Growth: Is your Corporate Vision Big Enough?

Do you have the ‘Right People on the Bus’?

Social Enterprise 

What is the ‘sharing economy’? Are companies in the ‘sharing economy’ Social Enterprises?

How do you measure Social Impact? 4 Scenarios

Is there a Social Network for Social Entrepreneurs? Yes! 7 to investigate

How should you recruit for your Social Enterprise? 6 Considerations

What does the future hold for Social Enterprise in the UK?

Can you train to be a Social Entrepreneur? Yes! 8 Options to consider

How do you take your Social Enterprise to international markets? 7 pointers

What should you consider when setting up a Social Enterprise? 5 considerations

What can social entrepreneurs learn from Shared Vivek Sagar? 3 Lessons

How can Social Businesses use mobile technology to create social impact? 5 ways

What does ‘Impact’ mean to you? – 10 quotes from our members

Business support – What types of mentoring are available for startups? 6 types to consider

What government backed financial support is available for startups and smes?

How should you promote your hackathon? 8 tips

What do you need to run a successful hackathon? 10 tips

Skipping for Schools / Health

Should children be given PE homework to combat rising levels of obesity?

Have you seen our latest video testimonials from teachers?

Are you skipping as part of your weight loss programme?

Did you know that Halle Berry skips?

What are we doing to celebrate national skipping day?

Did you know that Usain Bolt skips before major races?

How does skipping deliver a full body workout?

Can you do Michelle Obama’s skipping routine?

Which is the more intense workout – skipping or running?

Why is skipping perfect for HIIT?

Edited & Published Skipping 4 Schools Video Testimonials on YouTube

Health and Safety – Editing

Water, water everywhere… What do I need to know about legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease?

How should I manage the risk of fire in my workplace?

Why you can never switch off when it comes to electricity in the workplace?

Does your company need health and safety training?

Interior Design ( Some Links Moved -2018)

What is a Living Wall & What are the Benefits? 

How to Create the Perfect Parisian Interior – 4 Tips

The Importance of “Event Boundaries” and 4 Tips for Better Corporate Interiors

How Should you Display Art in Your Communal Spaces? 6 Ways

Can We Incorporate An Art Installation In Our Communal Area? If So, How?

All Rise : 4 Reasons Why The Standing Desk is Making a Comeback

How do you design for multi functional zones in a communal space?- 5 things to consider

Has your startup outgrown its frat house roots? 3 ways to create a more grown-up corporate interior.

What should be considered when designing a CEO’s office? 3 Tips

Let There Be Light – How can Lighting Change the Ambience of a Communal Space? – 3 tips

Is your communal space consistent with your brand? – 3 considerations

How do you bring creativity to front of house interiors? – 3 tips to get you started

Cloud IT

Cloud Knowledge Base at the Richmond Business Expo (Video)

What is the ultimate in terms of Cloud Security?

How do I give my WordPress site an ‘MOT’? – 10 ways

How did Microsoft manage to bring Sharepoint back from the dead?

Winner of the best stand at Richmond Business Expo

Have you moved over to Office 365 yet? 5 reasons why you should

How do you improve the performance of your WordPress site?

Why should you visit us at the Richmond Business Expo? 4 reasons

Up, up and away – Why should your business be in the Cloud? 6 reasons

Evening Standard Business Connections with Byline ( Links Moved 2018)

Dear Marketing Surgery – How do I get more out of networking?

How do I build my subscriber email list? 8 effective tactics

How should I promote my company on LinkedIn?

What is Content Marketing? Should my company be doing it?

What is ‘Social Proof’? How do I get it for my business?

Dear Marketing Surgery – How do I use video to promote my business cost effectively? – 7 steps

Dear Marketing Surgery – How should I go about naming my business or website?

Dear Marketing Surgery – How do you get business on Twitter?

Next installment – How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog

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