Case Study – Impact Hub Westminster



Impact Hub Westminster is a shared workspace in central London with a focus on Social Enterprises.


Establish a voice for Impact Hub Westminster and enhance its reputation as more than a workspace / event space.

Increase interaction and engagement with social entrepreneurs / think tanks and government departments.


Created a new weekly Social Enterprise blog that delivered genuine value to the audience.

Strategic use of Twitter to build audience, increase engagement and interaction. Distribution of evergreen content via Twitter and inspirational quotes around helping others / community focus. Established pillar content and motivational quotes.

Trained member of in-house staff to use Twitter and continue the blog content strategy & calendar.


Web traffic up , 35.8 % and 21.8% in months 1 and 2 and continued to rise thereafter.

Alexa ranking up by 35% in 3 months.

Twitter impressions* 18.81 million, 1997 new followers, 3165 mentions, 1911 RTs

Increased international engagement – Global reach of content up 900%

Impact Hub Westminster recognized as thought leader / central hub for Social Enterprise

Third reason to visit the Hub website established – Content . Other reasons were events and membership enquiries.

*Stats from Jan 19th – May 31st 2014

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