How to Position Your Business For Sale Using Content Marketing (Beta)

How to Position Your Business For Sale Using Content Marketing

How to Position Your Business For Sale Using Content Marketing – Masterclass (Beta)

Who is this Coaching Programme for?

This exclusive coaching Masterclass is for business owners of service based businesses who want to sell their businesses.  ‘John’ was just like you.

He had spent over 30 years building up a construction based consultancy and had grown his team from just one assistant to over 50 staff.  John’s company’s reputation had grown due to the professionalism that his team demonstrated and their commitment to excellent customer service. Through competitive tenders,  they had won projects in many countries around the world including some high profile projects in the Middle East. The company was in rude health and there were opportunities to continue the upwards trajectory.

This was when I was introduced to John. After thirty years of building a business, he wanted to sell up and be able to spend more time with his family and participate in leisurely pursuits. The challenge he faced was this, although his company was recognised in a very specific niche, beyond that few people had heard of them. Despite having a website, they had low visibility online which meant that they hadn’t attracted any potential buyers. Without a buyer for the business John would not be able to retire; he was responsible for 50 employees and they depended on him.

What Will the Programme do?

Over the course of two years, I worked with John and created a content strategy for his business and executed it. The two key objectives were to raise the profile of his business and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Both of these objectives were achieved and a potential buyer made John an offer that he was happy to accept!

Once he had worked his ‘earn out’ period, he was free to relax and improve on his Golf handicap safe in the knowledge that he had achieved financial  freedom!

Don’t worry, this course is not going to take two years! I have distilled the key lessons from my time working with John’s business and will take you through them over the course of 8 weeks.

  • I will give you the know-how to create content that will position your business for sale and attract multiple buyers.
  • During the weekly group calls, I will be on hand to help you through the implementation process and answer any questions.
  • In between the group calls, you will have time to liaise with your own team and implement the action steps.
  • It is anticipated that within a year of executing all required action steps you will receive a good offer for your business.
  • In most cases this will mean that you can retire and that you have secured financial freedom!

Of course, I cannot guarantee that your business will be sold but I can certainly make yours one of the most attractive in your niche.

Is this What you Want?

My  ‘Position Your Business For Sale Using Content Marketing’ Masterclass will help you sell your business and achieve financial freedom. You will be able to retire!

How Much Does it Cost?

The How to Position Your Business For Sale Using Content Marketing Masterclass costs  $4000, because this is the Beta group it is available for $1998. As members of the Beta group, you will have the chance to give your input the programme. Included in the masterclass are the following;

  • Weekly coaching call for 8 weeks
  • Course support materials
  • Q & A – Session at the end of each coaching call
  • Content Strategy Help
  • Discussions of most clickable types of content to create for your business
  • Feedback on draft blog posts and Social Media posts/ updates
  • Recommended Content Marketing Tools
  • 1 on 1 session via Skype / telephone to discuss anything too confidential for group discussion
  • Direct access to me via phone and email for 6 months after the course has finished.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to all Content

Mike Pitt Grey suit

What is My Background?

Content Marketing. Social Media. Author. Blogger. Founder.

After working for many years in marketing agencies I set up on my own in 2010 when I founded Marketing Fundamentals Ltd, a B2B Content Marketing Agency for Professional Services Firms. Since 2010 in addition to building his agency’s client-base of mainly B2B clients I have created many informational products including my book, ‘How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog’ which is available from Amazon and Audible.

I have over 5000 online students on various platforms including Udemy and Skillshare.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here. 


What happens if I miss one of the weekly group calls? 

A recording will be made of the call and sent to you together with all support materials.

Is there a Payment Plan available?

Yes, the price for a one time payment of the Beta group is $1998 payable via PayPal but it is possible to make three monthly payments of $685 instead. This option works out slightly more expensive but may be more manageable for you.

 We don’t have a content writing team, do you know someone who can help us?

Content writing is not part of this masterclass but we could create content for your business for an additional fee.


Peter Boardman

Testimonial from Peter Boardman, Managing Director of Dunbar Boardman

”  The effects of weekly blogging and Social Media activity were clear
to see: we were getting more traffic to the website, people were
staying on the website longer and it was having a positive effect on
lead generation too. Our profile in the wider industry was also
raised; the biggest suppliers in our industry (Otis, Schindler and
Thyssen Krupp) would retweet and favourite our content. Mike wrote
about some of the industry’s personalities and key technological
breakthroughs. We also re-designed and re-wrote our website and this
further enhanced our profile and reputation.

There is no doubt in my mind that the work Mike did in raising our
profile helped make us more visible and for that I am grateful. I
would have no hesitation in recommending Mike Pitt to any B2B
Professional Services business. ”

Peter G Boardman

In September 2015 Dunbar and Boardman was acquired by TUV SUD, an international service corporation focusing on consulting, testing, certification and training.


What Should You do Now?

Complete the sign up form below and click on apply. Please use a work email address.

We will review your business and if we feel that you are a good fit we will accept you into the programme and invite you to make payment via PayPal.  To explain, this methodology has been designed with a Business to Business (B2B) focus so Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses are not likely to be accepted into the Masterclass.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Masterclass!

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