SendPulse: The Worthwhile Platform for Email Campaigns

SendPulse: The Worthwhile Platform for Email Campaigns
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To name a few, Aeroflot and Karcher are the users of the  email sending platform SendPulse. Some may argue that the presence of some business bigwigs among customers is not the reason to focus on a particular platform. However,  the trust of the big brands corresponds well to the social proof which is appreciated by marketers for many reasons.


Of course, the contemporary email marketing environment does not suffer from a lack of the email bulk sending services. Dozens of them are available now on the market. Moreover, quite a big number of the comparative reviews of such services have been made by numerous observers on the internet.


Nevertheless, what is really missing here is the thorough dissection of every particular email sending platform, at least of those that constitute top 10 by the user ratings. Hopefully, the present review of SendPulse can be useful for the marketers who are used to making a conscious choice of an email sending toolkit.


The home page and the general view

Under quite a minimalistic interface of the SendPulse website users can find the sufficient functionality. The customers’ feedback along with the description of advantages and capabilities of the platform is represented by the website home page. The piece of information is big, but users can hardly get lost there since everything indicated is relevant to the main goal of the service. Products, price, and help sections provide users with the detailed information of how to arrange their marketing campaigns. The popular flat design of icons and visuals of the main page demonstrates that the SendPulse team follows the trendy approaches to the development of the user interfaces. The well-balanced proportion of the textual and visual contents on the website makes the information perception convenient.


Emphasizing the artificial intelligence on the home page is worth special mentioning. No matter from what perspective you look at it, the highlighted AI capability of the platform is a right move. Few topics on today’s internet can measure up to the AI popularity. Indeed, the machine learning technologies create the efficiency improvement opportunities beyond the reach of purely human intellect. Why not apply them to the email marketing optimization?



The email service

The registration in the email service of SendPulse is free as well as the one-month trial period. During the period you can send 15 000 emails to 2 500 readers from your mailing lists. The section’s interface looks ascetic that does not mean primitiveness, however. Both vertical and horizontal functional frames provide access to various features and subsections necessary to create and optimize an email campaign. The last campaign infographics available on the front page shows the major metrics. The size, design, and position of tabs make the entire page easily graspable in a few seconds even for the new users.  No redundant prettifying or irrelevant data is present. Thus, the user-friendly interface focuses on the functionality that is actually expected from the well-structured marketing toolkit.


Creating a campaign

The “create a campaign” tab redirects a user to the first stage of the process in the form of a table where a mailing list is proposed to be created. UniSender and MailChimp services can be applied to import contacts to the newly created mailing list. However, the manual input is also possible. The sender email address can be edited if the one indicated by default is not appropriate for some reason. The sender’s name and the email subject are to be defined in the relevant lines. The most interesting option here is the possibility of personalization. Even though the personalization criteria is limited by only a few variables such as name and a customized introductory text, the option as such reflects the advanced approach SendPulse applies to email campaigns.



This is where the true creativity begins. The second step of the campaign’s creation represents the section of the email templates. The section is divided into four subsections at the user’s choice: the “my templates” one allows to import your own templates, the “template editor” provides developing the customized emails, the pre-designed email templates” collection offers numerous pre-designed templates of various  specializations from real estate to Christmas’ smiles, and the “HTML editor” is made for the programming-savvy users. It is worth noting that even the pre-designed templates are editable. The rich functionality of the editor with a simple drag-and-drop method and the abundance of the professionally designed ready templates make users stick around for a long time surfing through numerous creative opportunities.


Finalization and sending

The final stage of an email campaign implies indicating some data regarding the initiator of the campaign when the email designing is finished.


Then, the email should pass through the SendPulse moderators. It takes a few minutes to get an email notification that your campaign is approved. So, the whole process of the email campaign’s creation is simplified without loss of functionality which is equal to MailChimp and other advanced email platforms.



Before sending the email to the subscribers it is possible to check how it looks on different platforms by clicking the “preview” tab or a “test email” one. Besides, in order to personalize your campaigns in a more profound manner, A/B testing is available there.



The price section looks like a calculator where the service cost depending on the number of emails is indicated. Moreover, the number of subscribers is the variable which can be adjusted by users in order to get information about the cost of either a yearly subscription or a monthly rate. Without having to dive deeply into a comparison between SendPulse and many other competitors regarding the service cost it can be stated that the quotation of SendPulse is average. It means that it is almost half the price of MailChimp, for example, being at the same time twice as much as numerous lower class email services.




Tips and tricks

Like any reputable email sending platform, SendPulse cares about the users with regard to the success of their email campaigns. The “knowledge base” section of the website represents various learning materials suggesting how to improve email campaigns. The topics covered by this section constitute the experience which should be shared by a capable email marketer. It is undoubtedly a good practice since many novice users are spared from having to explore the email marketing tips and tricks on the third-party websites. The helpful hints beginning from the message creation and up to the autoresponder system activation are available there along with links to many other relevant articles.



The only missing feature is an automatic re-posting on social media to consider SendPulse just a perfect platform.  In other respects, SendPulse corresponds to the advanced-level email sending services. The minimalistic user-friendly interface, rich functionality, flexible editor, abundance of templates, and considerable service cost all make SendPulse attractive to both the experienced email marketers and the beginners. The fast launch of campaigns and the AI-powered optimization are the peculiar advantages of the platform. So, getting back to the first line of the present review, Aeroflot and Karcher have the sufficient number of reasons to be the customers of SendPulse.

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