Web Hosting

We have been using Bluehost as our hosting partner for over 6 years. We recommend them for startups and most medium sized businesses. Click on the picture above to find out details of the latest current offer.

Website Review and SEO

As of January 2018,  we have started a brand new partnership with Woorank. Woorank are offering a free website review and SEO evaluation report to all our website visitors. You can access the review and report by clicking on the picture below.



Social Media Management Tool

Eclincher Social Media Management Tool

We have been planning and executing Social Media activity for our clients since 2010. In the years since then we have tested and used many Social Media scheduling tools. Our current recommendation in this area is for eClincher. Eclincher is not as well known in Europe as some of its competitors such as Hootsuite, for example but its functionality is superior. That is why it is our recommendation to deliver Social Media updates and boost engagement on your chosen Social Media platforms.

We have recently become a partner of Shopify and are happy to recommend the e-commerce platform because of the simplicity with which even non-techy individuals can create an online store. This is geared more towards B2C businesses rather than B2B but is included here because it is a great way of creating a very professional e-commerce store.

Regal Assets Banner

Current uncertainty in the global economy has meant that demand for Gold is high. Gold is often perceived as a way to diversify risk. To find out more about how Gold can potentially give you a more secure future click on the picture above.

Online Courses


I was invited to become an instructor on Udemy in 2012 and my first course was launched in 2013. The online learning platform now has over 10 million students and is one of our recommendations for online learning. The range of courses on offer is extremely varied, from bread-making to web design. Click on the word Udemy above to be taken to my courses.,


I have only recently become a Skillshare partner. One clear advantage we can see is that the monthly subscription gives students access to over 14,000 courses rather than just the one or two that they have purchased. It is because of this that Skillshare is one of our recommendations for online learning. Click on the word Skillshare above to be taken to my courses.

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