10 Successful Blog Post Title Ideas

10 Successful Blog Post Title Ideas

Hello everyone. One question that I get asked on a regular basis is this one, are there any blog post titles that are almost guaranteed to generate clicks and drive people to our website?  The acronym AIDA stands  for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and this was a popular approach in advertising agencies during the twentieth century and the need to attract the attention of your blog’s audience apply to Content Marketing today just as they do to advertising. Below are 10 proven approaches that will  tend to lead to clicks and drive people to your website. For more detail on how to develop these ideas into blog posts for your sector or niche click on the link at the bottom of the post. These successful blog post title ideas will help you to attract the attention of your target audience.


1. How to/ How do you? 

Think of a problem that your blog’s target audience is facing? Got one? Great. Now write up a solution to that problem ideally in the form of a list. This is a concrete way of ensuring that you are delivering value to your audience and as long as you identified a real pain point your title will generate a click on the shortened link that accompanies it.


2. Reasons Why…

Can you think of an idea or approach that your audience are currently considering? Is it in response to changes in legislation? Or technological advancement ? Take a position and explain…5 Reasons Why video is the future of Content Marketing, for example. Write this one up diligently to stimulate engagement via Social Media.


3. Stop

How you ever thought how powerful the word stop is?  Use it in a blog post title and it will help you connect with your audience and they will read your Content. Let me give you an example, Stop focusing on the wrong metrics: Five metrics that really matter.


4. Versus

Versus is also very powerful and is often used to compare one software or app against another. Examples include, Vine versus Instagram or  Sprout Social versus Hootsuite. Ensure that you have picked relevant subject matter for your audience and then start using versus in your blog post titles.


5. Google / Facebook

If you can refer to one of the most famous online companies in your blog post title this is likely to increase the number of eyeballs on your content too. It must be relevant and not contrived. Here’s an example, 25% of all Search Traffic is not on Google. Are you missing an opportunity?


6.Use of the word ‘Kill’

Kill is clearly a very emotive and powerful word. Use it in your blog post title to attract the attention of your audience. Here’s an example, Did Twitter’s purchase of Periscope Kill Meerkat? Once again, it must be relevant and your post must justify the dramatic nature of the headline.


7. Use of Numbers

Use numbers in your blog post whenever possible. There is something about being so specific that draws in potential readers. For example, What do 80% of your mailing list subscribers do when they receive your newsletter? Contrast that with, What do most of your subscribers do…Of course, you must be able to substantiate any figures you use and refer to appropriate data when necessary.


8.What Happens When…?

Speculating about what may happen or hypothetically weighing up different scenarios is another good source of potential blog post titles. You will be able to take your readers with you on a journey. Pick a scenario that they will be interested to read about and you will create interest and engagement.


9.  Lessons Learned

The opportunity to learn from someone else’s experiences will be recognised by many of your audience as a great time-saver. You can alert them to the value of your post by using lessons in your blog post title, One of the most popular guest posts that I have ever written has the title, If I knew then what I know now – 12 lessons for young entrepreneurs.


10. The Future

Using the future as as the basis of a blog post will give you freedom to be imaginative in your post and if executed well will generate clicks on your links. Try to avoid writing a post like this in January because that is usually when everyone else will be writing a post with this approach.

For more detail on how to develop these blog post titles into blog posts click here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have found this information useful.


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