SME Owners – 12 Marketing scenarios scarier than Halloween

SME Owners – 12 Marketing scenarios scarier than Halloween

We cannot ignore the date but the horrors stories we have focused on below relate to real marketing problems experienced by SMEs and entrepreneurs alike. If one of the scenarios sums up your current position we would be happy to help. The good news is that they are all resolvable and we can work with you towards a happy ending and with no nightmares.

1. You do not have a USP – there is no discernible difference between you and your competitors.

2.You have been trying to differentiate yourself only on price.

3. Your company cannot control delivery dates and therefore customer service satisfaction levels due to an unreliable third party.

4. Your company has confusing marketing collateral – you are trying to communicate too many messages at once.

5. Your website is not generating sales or enquiries.

6. A new competitor has just entered the market with a very similar name and positioning to yours.

7. Your business is not ‘recession proof’.

8. You have not been tracking the effectiveness of your social media engagement and are not sure whether it has achieved anything.

9. No-one is reading your business blog.

10. Your levels of repeat business are very low and you can’t work out why.

11. You have bootstrapped your Business Start-up so far but are running out of funds.

12. Despite consistent expenditure your brand is not recognised by your target audience.

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