Entrepreneurs – Should your business have an app? 5 reasons why it should

Entrepreneurs – Should your business have an app? 5 reasons why it should

This is the second of two posts dedicated to apps. For last week’s post we created our list of ‘The top 10 marketing apps for entrepreneurs’ click here to read that post. This week our focus is on you and your business.

Should you consider an app for your business? Do you have a strong idea for an app that is not already in either the Apple App Store or the Android market? If so, the time could be right for you to enter into the app market and for your SME business to grow as a result. Here are five reasons why we think your business should have an app.

Get an App for your Business – 5 Reasons why your Business should have one

1. Additional revenue stream – A good and popular app available for download will become an additional revenue stream – a development that is sure to please your Chief Financial Officer or Accountant.

2. Niche Leadership – Do you aspire to be the best within your niche? The best life coach or best yoga instructor, for example? If you develop a useful app that fulfils a need you may start to separate yourself from the crowd and create a whole new tier of customers for your products and/or services.

3. Raising your company profile – There is no doubt that there can be a lot of added prestige for your company after you deliver a useful app to consumers. The reflected glory that comes your way via the App Store and the Apple brand in general is also a worthwhile benefit.

4. More new business leads – Depending on the functionality of the app you create it could generate a lot of new business opportunities for your company.

5. Going global – An app is a perfect introduction to overseas markets. Consider this – you can make sales in far flung parts of the globe without actually visiting there, making a call or sending an email.

For a completely balanced view of the app creation process it is also worth stating that apps do require significant investment and it is imperative that the app idea you bring to market is a unique one.

Do you have an app idea that you’d like to develop for your business? We would be happy to help you bring it to market and can guide you through the process. Feel free to give us a call on +44 845 2264247 or drop us an email via mail@marketingfundamentals.com

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