B2B: Can You Use AngelList For Business Development?

B2B: Can You Use AngelList For Business Development?

When I first heard of AngelList a few years ago I  understood it to be online platform that matched Tech startups with Angel investors. As a concept this was interesting although it was not directly relevant to me as a founder of a services based business. I had not yet reached the position where I could operate as an Angel investor and I was not running a tech startup. Recently I had another look and discovered that AngelList had broadened its capabilities. It now helps companies find business expertise and new contacts. This means it is possible to use AngelList for business development. When I realised this I created a profile and requested some connections. AngelList has the potential to become another source of leads and sales. Well funded startups often need specialist resource to help them deliver on their vision.

AngelList for Business Development

AngelList can be used for business development and here is how. There is now a broader range of activities included on the platform.  Now you could be looking for a job at a startup, intent on networking or advising or offering your services. You can see some of the options in the picture below.

AngelList Options

The options that I have selected are offering my services and meeting people. Clearly there is an opportunity to build a network on AngelList and the platform offers the Social Media integrations that you would expect including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It is a very easy process to transfer contacts from your Social Media networks into AngelList.  Over the coming months I will track any leads generated from AngelList and my activities that led to those leads. I will share my findings in a future video on my YouTube channel. I would be happy to welcome you into my AngelList network. You can connect with me here.

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