SME owners – How do you maximise your ROI when exhibiting at a trade show? 5 tips

SME owners – How do you maximise your ROI when exhibiting at a trade show? 5 tips

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I think technically we have reached the season known as Spring – if you are in the UK you will understand why I added the word technically. Lots of trade shows and business exhibitions take place during Spring and Summer. Many of you will already have booked your stands and some even produced your display stands. Exhibiting at a trade show is rarely cheap so it important that you have a plan to maximise your return on investment. How do you plan to do that? – Below are five pointers.

Business Exhibitions – 5 Pointers to maximise your ROI

1. Social Media – Pre-promote your appearance at your trade show on the relevant social media platforms. Not just once or twice but on a consistent basis in the run up to your event.

2. Imaginative collateral – If you are printing branded merchandise and brochures to distribute at the event be more original than a standard brochure, branded bags, mugs and pens. Pick something relevant to your business sector and memorable.

3. New Business conversations – Do not make the mistake of treating all new business leads equally. Prior to the event you should identify the most profitable leads and brief your sales team to make these a priority and to be more expansive in these conversations.

4. Big on Data – If your stand is well received you’ll have high traffic and there will be lots of potential leads to process. Ensure that you have enough staff and they have the requisite technology to record customer and prospect data quickly.

5. Stand Appeal & Interactivity – Your stand must be appealing and interactive to attract and retain the interest of attendees long enough for your staff to interact with them. Ensure that you have enough activities scheduled throughout the day to create the required buzz around your stand.

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