SME Owners – 10 reasons why partnering with a complementary business is right for you

SME Owners – 10 reasons why partnering with a complementary business is right for you

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In the first three years of trading it can be difficult for a start-up business to create a large impact in the marketplace.

Most lack generous marketing budgets and often struggle to make their voices heard. One low cost way of broadening your business reach is by partnering with a complementary business. Below are ten reasons why this is right for your SME.

Business Partnership – 10 reasons why should partner with a complementary business


1. Increase your potential customer base – your partner’s customers are potentially your customers now .

2. Increase the number of referrals.

3. Strengthen your proposition to the consumer – a builder partnered with an interior designer or a wedding photographer partnered with a wedding planner are just two examples.

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4. Increased credibility for the business.

5. Additional routes to market – Email to partner’s customer database, for example.

6. Potential to pool marketing resources and achieve an improved ROI.

7. Increased website backlinks that will boost your SEO.


8. Opportunity to share resources, ideas and contacts – increases your network.

9. Possibility of paying for goods or services ’ in kind’ rather than with cash which will help your cashflow.

For more ideas on improving your cashflow see blog post – 10.04.11 – ’25 Ways to boost your cashflow’.

10. Depending on the scope of the partnership – possibility of sharing overhead;  an office, for example.

We hope that you will give serious consideration to establishing partnerships that will help your business grow – we would be happy to help with any aspect of this process.

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