Entrepreneurs – Do you take time to celebrate your success? 7 reasons to celebrate

Entrepreneurs – Do you take time to celebrate your success? 7 reasons to celebrate

Regular readers of this blog will know how much importance we place on objective setting and evaluation. This is fundamental to measuring your success as your business grows. While you are on this path to growth it is crucial that you have the ability to acknowledge when you have achieved your goals and to celebrate that success. Sure, you will have further goals and achievements to strive for but you must still make time to celebrate some successes. Below are some reasons to celebrate that could apply to your business.

Celebrate your Success – 7 Reasons to Celebrate

1. Company birthday – You have reached a significant milestone – 3 years since your company was founded, for example. Remember that in the UK 80%* of startups fail within three years so your survival is a good success milestone.

2. Distribution – You produce a product that has just been approved for national/ regional retail distribution. This is a major achievement.

3. Pitch – After a tender or competitive bid process you have secured a major new piece of business.

4. Staff – You have welcomed new team members into your company.

5. Acknowledgement of your peers – Your company, an individual or a project you were instrumental in has won an industry award or recognition from a major organisation.

6. Performance targets – You have reached or surpassed performance targets.

7. Company culture – You have created a company culture that celebrates the successes of your staff whatever they are. Staff members may have completed charity runs, learned a new language, volunteered for non profit organisations or reached other personal milestones.

Celebrating success is not only beneficial in a ‘feel good’ way it will also create a much more engaged and motivated team. Engaged and motivated teams tend to me more productive and happier even during tough times.

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