Is Your Content Marketing Plan Out of Date?

Is Your Content Marketing Plan Out of Date?

Recently I was approached  by someone who wanted me to value his LinkedIn Groups. Initially I referred him onto people who were operational in his sector but when he asked me specifically to value his groups I had to give him my opinion. I did not feel that his LinkedIn Groups, like the majority ofl LinkedIn Groups out there, had had any value at all. This started me thinking about a much broader issue, how many businesses are implementing a Content Marketing Plan that is out of date?

Is Your Content Marketing Plan Out of Date?

If your plan is predicated on deriving great ROI from LinkedIn Groups yours is likely to be out of date too. As an alternative to LinkedIn Groups you might want to consider this option. As with all aspects of your Content Marketing Plan you should take time to interpret the data accessible to you. For many B2B audiences LinkedIn can still be effective overall but LinkedIn Groups are often not effective.


If you follow my profile on Twitter you will know that I am still very active on the platform. I have made significant changes in our Twitter strategy both for our clients and our own Twitter accounts. We regularly  assess engagment levels on Twitter and we  know that Twitter 2016 is not as effective in lead generation as it was in 2012, for example. If you are following the same Twitter strategy that you were 4 years ago it is very likely that your Content Marketing Plan is out of date.

Algorithmic Changes to Social Media Platforms

Algorithmic changes to Facebook’s newfeed were widely documented when they they were introduced . There have been a lot of them as the linked article explains. More recently Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have also made changes to their algorithm. Each time a Social Media Platform makes a change this is likely to have a knock on effect for your Content Marketing Plan’s effectiveness. Changes will need to be made if these platforms are part of your plan.

Has Anything Remained Constant?

Yes. The need for engaging original content;  written, video and visual is still there. Focus on consistently creating this content and engaging with your audience across owned media. Your company blog and You Tube channels are examples of owned media. Evaluate engagement data to assess which Social Media platforms you should use.  Do this and you will maintain a good ROI from your time invested in Content and Social Media.

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