Entrepreneurs – Excellence is always a great marketing strategy – 5 tips to help you achieve it

Entrepreneurs – Excellence is always a great marketing strategy – 5 tips to help you achieve it

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

There seem to be a plethora of new communications platforms and opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Unless you are a marketing consultancy it is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to explore them all sufficiently to work out how they could benefit your business. One failsafe way of achieving prominence in your sector is to consistently pursue excellence. Your strength will come from your product or service excellence. You would still need to market yourself, of course. Away from business if I mentioned martial arts whom would you think of? Of course it would be Bruce Lee – the best exponent of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Similarly for football if would be one of the following names; Pele, Maradona or latterly Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. How close to excellence are you in your sector. Below are 5 ways in which you can get closer to achieving it.

Great Marketing Strategy – 5 Ways to Excellence

1. Going beyond best practice What is best practice in your industry in your sector?
Spend some time analysing what constitutes best practice in your industry. Now think about how you can improve on current best practice. Going beyond conventional wisdom is one way of achieving excellence. For inspiration consider how Lovefilm and Netflix disrupted the home video rental market.

2. What can you learn from other industry sectors?
Having a broad view of commerce and businesses beyond your sector is a great way of picking up on advancements in other industries that ultimately can have an impact on your business. For example a business like Naked Wines.com in the UK took inspiration from what the Top 5 supermarkets were doing with their online grocery stores and adapted it to the wine industry.

3. What would Sir Richard Branson do with the opportunities in your industry?
The every day running of a business can become a grind and it is very easy to lose sight of the original opportunities that excited you. One good technique for refreshing your approach is to consider what your favourite entrepreneur would do. Often when you start with a blank piece of paper from the perspective of someone who may be willing to take more risks you will see new opportunities.

4. Better use of segmentation – What would your business model look like if you could move upmarket?
How would you deliver your products or services to a more upmarket clientele? Excellently? If you could plan and then implement this move successfully this would increase your profits and you would be able to deliver excellence.

5. Remain focused on the big picture – How far could you propel the business forward if you were removed from operational tasks? Plan for growth and recruit a suitable number 2 who can take your operational responsibilities allowing you to focus on delivering excellence.

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