How can B2Bs Win with Video Content Marketing? – 3 Pointers

How can B2Bs Win with Video Content Marketing? – 3 Pointers

Video content marketing is the future. By 2017, it will account for nearly 70% of all internet consumer traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone is expected to double by 2019. For every SME that has yet to incorporate video into their content marketing strategy, these projections indicate that they are missing out on a key platform. Online video is no longer primarily about providing entertainment to viewers; it is a way for people to satisfy their information needs as well.

A failure to have an online video presence means that prospects who use YouTube as their primary social platform will be unable to engage with your business there. Video definitely needs to be part of your Content Strategy to promote your B2B business. So how can B2Bs win with video content marketing? There are 3 pointers below.


Give Your Content a Human Quality – An advantage that creating video content has for B2Bs over other more traditional formats is that it adds a highly desirable human quality to your content. Giving your content more personality is greatly beneficial for B2Bs who are looking to nurture relationships with their prospective clients. Imagine your prospects were diners who had just stepped out for an evening meal. For their meal to be truly memorable, it is not enough for the food to be excellent; the energy, passion and attentiveness of the waitstaff is equally important. They want a sense of ambience and to feel a part of the community, not strictly a great meal. The same applies to content marketing.

Prospects are more likely to remember your content and turn to you when they are in the market for your products or services if they are able to attach a face to your business. By publishing videos of you speaking about your area of expertise, you are able to personify your business and start building a rapport with your prospects.


Create Evergreen Video Content – Video is peerless when it comes to increasing your reach. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors each month, which is more than any other channel apart from Facebook. And with one in three Brits viewing at least one online video each week – that’s a weekly audience of nearly 20 million people in the UK alone.

Most B2B businesses utilise evergreen content. Evergreen content, which remains relevant over time to your prospects, is an effective way of driving traffic to your site and generating leads. Still, most B2Bs are reluctant to commit to online video in their content strategy. Usually this reluctance is due to cost, not having video expertise or fear of not knowing what video content to produce. B2B business owners need to get over this reluctance. Depending on your area of business, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Meerkat, Periscope and a free screen sharing tool, such as CamStudio offer businesses a plethora of opportunities to dip their toes into video content marketing. ‘How-to’ posts rank consistently high amongst types of posts to drive engagement and these can be easily made in video format. Downloading any of these tools is an easy way to make your first video (and means you don’t have to worry about lighting or backdrop).

Nurture Your Target Audience Deeper Down Your Sales Funnel – With inbound marketing being the new strategy norm, it is important to cast as wide a net as is practical at the tip of your  funnel. Diversity of content is key. You want to make it easy for your prospects to find and engage with your content. With online video consumption figures on the rise, this means including video into your content marketing strategy. Using a strategy that combines evergreen ‘How-To’ content alongside video series that discuss issues in episodes (rather than one-off videos) will ensure you are attracting new visitors to your account as well as drawing in returning ones.


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