How do you Publish Content Consistently? 4 Tips

How do you Publish Content Consistently? 4 Tips

Marketing managers in professional services firms and B2B business owners, do you struggle to publish content consistently? You are not alone. Believe it or not there are many businesses including some content marketing agencies that also struggle to publish weekly. I will not name names 🙂 I know that you appreciate the benefits of consistent blogging and I understand that you find it dificult to achieve. In this post I outline four tactics that will improve your level of consistency in terms of publishing weekly blog content. If you are wondering whether blogging is still important, read this post UK B2B: Which is the Most Effective Content Marketing Channel?

Publish Content Consistently

1. Content Planning

Faced with a blank screen and a blinking cursor many marketing staff struggle to create blog posts that are of value to their audience on a consistent basis. Instead of approaching each post as a new cause for panic  schedule regular content planning sessions with your team. The objective of these sessions is to brainstorm future blog post titles. Each session should produce between 10-15 blog post titles. In many instances this will be enough for the next Quarter. You could take this a step further by adding the future titles to your website as a content calendar. There are a WordPress plugins that will help you to create a content calendar.

2. Diarise Blog Writing

Treat blog writing as a meeting that is scheduled in your work diary. Allow sufficient time to research and write a blog post at the same time each week. Success comes from establishing the right habits and allocating a weekly time slot for blog writing is a good habit to create. Writing a blog post will become part of your workflow. If you include guest contributors or colleagues from other departments ensure that they adhere to the established workflow.

3. Publish Day 

Publish your blog post on the same day each week or if you are publishing multiple blog posts per week stick to the same publishing schedule. Your readers will come to expect your posts and when you analyse your web traffic you will notice that trafic spikes on the days that you publish fresh content.  Remember that the publish day does not have to be the same as the writing day, allow enough time to review and edit your post(s) before publishing.

4. Pomodoro Technique

Sometimes you will not be able to write a blog post in one writing session. Perhaps the subjects in the post covered are extremely complex or you are covering many sides of a public debate. One way to prevent the writing task becoming overwhelming is to use the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro technique is a time mangement tactic that breaks down tasks into twenty-five minute blocks and separates them with a short break. It was developed by developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. It is a great way of working through a complicated blog post or a large copywriting project. You might compete a post in 4 Pomodoros (4 x 25 minutes), for example.

Start using these tactics right away and you will find yourself able to publish content consistently. I would love to hear about your progress so feel free to leave an update in the comments section below.

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