UK B2B: Which is the Most Effective Content Marketing Channel?

UK B2B: Which is the Most Effective Content Marketing Channel?

Image Credit: The Content Marketing Institute

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Research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in September last year required UK B2B Marketers  to evaluate each content marketing channel in terms of effectiveness. If you are not aware of the Content Marketing Institute please take some time to explore their work here. 

Content Marketing Channel

The report was very clear in terms of its findings related to content marketing channels as you can see in the chart above. There were two content marketing channels ranked number 1 for effectiveness and these channels were blogs and in person events.

What Does this Mean for UK B2B Marketers?

Stay focused. Do not get distracted by shiny new objects in Social Media or the wider digital arena. This could be Blab, Snapchat or even some way of incorporating your product or location into Pokemon Go (this week’s big story). Keep on blogging and your efforts will be rewarded. If you find blogging difficult we can write your blog posts for you. Prospective clients and customers can see when you have been consistent with your blog and will give you more consideration than your competitors who may only be blogging sporadically.

The continued importance of in person events is also significant. UK B2B Marketers should continue to participate and attend the most apppropriate events for their sector. For more information on how to maximise your Return on Investment from a trade show read this post,  SME owners – How do you maximise your ROI when exhibiting at a trade show? 5 tips. 

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