SME Owners – Have you been lucky? 10 ways to make yourself luckier in business (opinion)

SME Owners – Have you been lucky? 10 ways to make yourself luckier in business (opinion)

“The first rule of luck in business is that you should persevere in doing the right thing. Opportunities will come your way if you do.” Cohen, Ronald

We agree 100% with this quote from Ronald Cohen and given that everyone could do with a little help in growing their businesses we thought that you would appreciate some practical advice. Below are 10 ways you can make yourself luckier in business. Try them out for and give us your feedback after you have implemented them.

How to get Lucky? – 10 ways you can make yourself luckier in business

1. Positive Mindset
This is not just a good approach to business but also to life. One example from our history – struck up a conversation with a complete stranger when a tube train had stopped in between stations. The stranger became a client within five minutes and everyone in the carriage was convinced that we must have known each other before – but we didn’t.

2. Taking chances
Recently we were watching an amusing video from Frank Vern* and in it he makes a good point. There are lots of people who are endlessly discussing in forums, ‘What’s the best way to do X?’ Or ‘How do I go about completing Y?’ Information gathering is important but you must act!

3. You’ve got to get out more
Are you stuck in the same routine? Going to the same events? Switch it up. Change your schedule and meet a more diverse selection of people. Broadening your network increases your chances of good luck reaching you.

4. Introduce yourself
Don’t hesitate – you will know when it’s an opportune time to start up a conversation with someone new and your initiative will be rewarded more often than not.

5. Don’t give up so easily
Ever had a sales lead or new business opportunity that you allowed to fizzle out? The initial interest seemed to wane and you downgraded it as an opportunity. We’ve all been there but don’t allow that to happen again. Usually communication stops because you may be missing some information. Keep the dialogue going and be patient.

5. Work harder and smarter than others
Most people think that they work hard – I suppose it’s the same as most people thinking they have a good sense of humour. The harder you work, the more likely opportunities and luck will come your way but work smarter. A good approach is to start each day by doing the tasks that are least likely to get done in this way the scope of what you achieve will increase.

6. Stay focused
Stay focused on your defined goals and vision and don’t deviate or get caught up in the latest fad or fashion. Visualise the future you want for yourself. When you become known for something people will come to you with opportunities and luck will surely follow.

7. See opportunities not problems
There are opportunities that you walk passed every day – recognise them and embrace them. Once you’ve spotted one act quickly because rarely will an opportunity be seen by only once person – plan to execute your idea well. Even setbacks or failures can present opportunities.

8. Consider the community
If your vision involves a genuine benefit to the community at large or one section of society rather than just your own profit margins you will find that you become very lucky indeed.

9. Take Breaks
You must allow yourself to relax and take your foot off the gas from time to time. Your health and rest are very important for your business and lucky people tend to be more relaxed and well rested.

10. Be more adventurous
Be more adventurous in the work that you do and the way you execute the work that you do. Be more adventurous in what you ask of your staff and partners. The less conventional your approach the more luck you will have.

We can’t guarantee good luck of course but we can implement some marketing changes that will increase the amount of opportunities open to your business. Feel free to give us a call on +44 845 2264247 or drop us an email via – we would be happy to help.

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