Dear Marketing Surgery…How do I get business on Twitter?

Dear Marketing Surgery…How do I get business on Twitter?

This post was originally published on the Evening Standard Business Connections website on 11 June 2013 and is one of a series of nine articles I wrote for ESBC. Here’s the link .The Marketing Surgery series is a number of posts addressing specific questions asked by members of the entrepreneurial and SME community.

 How to promote your business on Twitter?

This week the question is, how do you get business on Twitter? Follow the twelve steps below and you will deliver a better return on investment for your business from Twitter.


1. Followers – Disregard the number of followers you have and concentrate on the quality of the interactions you have. Engage and interact.


2. Content – Share value added content preferably unique content that you have created.


3. Conversion process – Have a defined ‘conversion process’ for converting interest on Twitter through a sales pre –qualification stage to a genuine sales lead.


4. Co-ordinated Team – Communicate this ‘conversion process’ to all members of your team using Twitter for your business.


5. Multi-dimensional – Be multi- dimensional. Do not only tweet about your business area. Be flexible enough to capture the moment or to use humour, for example. Show your personality and have opinions.


6. Without ‘shouting’ – be clear through your profile and communications exactly what products and services you provide.


7. Customer Service – Think of Twitter as an extension of your customer service function.


8. Accessible – Be accessible and responsive when people mention you – monitor your interactions column and respond appropriately.


9. Commercial nous – Be commercially savvy and have distinct times when you are using Twitter and log out outside of these times. Brief your team to do the same.


10. Twitter Conventions – Follow Twitter conventions; retweet, follow, #FF , follow back etc.


11. Automation – Do not over-automate your Twitter account – be careful with HootSuite, Tweetadder & similar software.


12. Freebie Chasers – Understand and recognise Twitter’s freebie chasers. People who will probe you for detailed information but are unlikely to become customers. Do not become frustrated with them.


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