Don’t make your marketing too safe – 4 ways to avoid boring your leads & prospects

Don’t make your marketing too safe – 4 ways to avoid boring your leads & prospects

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There are many businesses with a similar positioning and essentially saying the same things.  To rise above this uniformity you need to strive to be different in your marketing communications. It is easier said than done but here are 4 tips that will help you on your way.

Innovation Marketing –  4 tips that will help you on your way

1. Innovation – Make innovation core to how your company operates. Even if you are a service provider rather than a manufacturer of products you can still innovate. Encourage all of your staff to generate ideas.  Read this related post for ideas. – SME owners – 12 ways to encourage innovation within your business

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 2. Re- Positioning. – Anthony Robbins captures this brilliantly in his ‘Billions to Bankrupt’ training series when he asks business owners to ask themselves what business are they in? Then also what business should they be in? The two being very different. Apple used to be known as Apple Computers but are not anymore – this change in positioning was fundamental to their subsequent success.

3. Topicality – As a business owner or entrepreneur you will have your core messaging relating to your business and brand. One way to deliver more imaginative communications is by keeping a watching brief on topical opportunities (sometimes provided by internet trends (related video post ) to promote your business. A good communications piece with a topical backdrop can have a massive impact on your target audience.

 4. Guerrilla Marketing – Guerrilla Marketing is a form of marketing that relies on innovative or unusual marketing tactics to gain maximum attention for a brand often when competitors have more marketing dollars. The term Guerrilla Marketing was first popularised by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book of the same name published in 1984 and is clearly inspired by the term Guerrilla warfare. This a great approach for SMEs to adopt as it allows them to punch above their weight in marketing terms.


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