Importance of having a Linkedin Company Profile for B2B Businesses

Importance of having a Linkedin Company Profile for B2B Businesses

As digital marketing takes a lead over conventional outbound marketing, one question that every corporate is wondering is how to use the networking site LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, a company website is imperative and will remain crucial, especially in the B2B sector, but  where does LinkedIn fit in? In line with the doubts, here are some facts that will highlight the importance of LinkedIn company profile.

Linkedin Company Profile – Why is it important for B2B Businesses?

Value the engagement first

That’s what most B2B business needs, and possibly only a few are achieving the same. You have a company website, where you are posting your blogs and articles, but how many prospects, clients and businesses are reading them, let alone the sharing? This is where many marketing experts are of the opinion that LinkedIn works better, given that it is an established network of corporate professionals. This, however, doesn’t imply that your company blog cannot get the same engagement. However in the most likely scenario, with adequate planning, your marketing team can do it better on LinkedIn.Please note this is not a case of one or the other you can do both well.

Avoiding elusive ways of marketing

 Let’s talk of a situation where you have invested few thousand dollars in developing, designing and maintaining a website and are investing resource in creating regular blog updates. Even then, your prospects who land up on the website willl also be interested in the company profile and not just the blogs.

That’s where LinkedIn has the potential to do well. It offers a perfect B2B content sharing network, where people go looking for content, and usually, whatever blogs, news or updates are posted, they have healthier sharing value. Adding to this, LinkedIn is followed by millions of peers and businesses, which is why it can work better than a company blog in some cases.

Deriving better values with LinkedIn and Company website

Most conventional businesses and IT giants have millions of followers on LinkedIn, but does that indicate the departure of company websites? Definitely not! At least that’s not what professional marketing gurus will tell you. Every company must have a business portal that contains the company profile which helps clients, peers and other businesses know about the company.

However, for marketing and blogs, LinkedIn has great potential. It potentially brings in a lot of eyeballs to your content, which now has better sharing and re-sharing value than on the company blog alone . The content on the networking giant should be explosive enough to lead your prospects reach the company website, and that’s the key!

LinkedIn Pulse

Post LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse, they have fully integrated LinkedIn’s feeds into the Pulse application. This means whatever news feeds go out on LinkedIn Pulse, will be read by 30 million subscribers of the Pulse application alone. Moreover, in LinkedIn Pulse, people can easily follow your company profile. This way, any update you make on your company profile will be broadcasted to all your followers, which will enhance engagement.

Don’t miss out on the costing advantage

Unlike creating a blog or website, the process of making a LinkedIn company page is easier and hassle free and there are limited initiatives that your marketing team needs to put in. Without going high on promotional activities, it takes only a few good posts to get the employees, stakeholders, peers, prospects and other businesses engaged. That’s something most B2B firms are looking for.

If your marketing team has yet taken note, it’s time to shift the course of action. Prospects and businesses want better, and LinkedIn surely the bridges process of wooing them!

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