Content Marketing – Who is Your Content DJ? (Video)

Content Marketing – Who is Your Content DJ? (Video)

Video link above – Content Marketing – Who is your Content DJ? by Mike Pitt. Content Marketing for Professional Services: Who is responsible for controlling your Content and Social Media Mix? Marketing tips for SME businesses from Mike Pitt. Call us during regular office hours on +44 (0) 845 226 4247 or mail us via

Content Marketing and Social Media are not simply ‘plug and play’ processes. You cannot simply ‘set it and forget it’. Who is your  Content DJ? It’s probably a question you have not heard before.Someone needs to monitor your engagement and interaction. Yes, you do need to create exceptional Content and yes, you do need to be on the right Social Media platforms for your target audience and customers. It is true that data will inform the choices that you make but the communications your  company or organisation will be engaged in are not completely predictable otherwise there wouldn’t be trending topics that seem to appear out of nowhere like the Harlem Shake, The ALS bucket Challenge or a Mutant Spider Dog.  There still needs to be someone controlling your Content Marketing and Social Media Mix.   The right person will spot whether there is an opportunity for your company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Vine or another platform.  So who is your Content DJ? This is a role that Marketing Fundamentals Ltd is currently performing for a number of Professional Services businesses.

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