Entrepreneurs – 10 marketing tactics from the Marketing Fundamentals playbook that will grow your business

Entrepreneurs – 10 marketing tactics from the Marketing Fundamentals playbook that will grow your business

We work with SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups to create and implement the right strategy for them. For this post we have chosen to highlight 10 marketing tactics that we have used to help our business grow. Some of these tactics will be right for your business too – please feel free to follow our example.

Marketing Tactics – Top 10

1. Blog regularly

Consistency is just as important as the quality of content. Make a commitment to write a post on a regular basis. Weekly or twice weekly is great but monthly is not often enough.

2. Trade mark your name

Once you begin to build your brand name protect it with a trade mark. This post will be useful to you.


3. Upgrade your URL

Our initial website was for a .org.uk address but as the business grew we upgraded to .com – We appreciate that this is not as easy with a very competitive or popular URL but it will be worth it.

4. Upgrade your website functionality

There is nothing wrong with starting with a fairly basic first website to keep costs low but as you build traffic and your requirements increase you should upgrade to a platform that offers you greater functionality. WordPress is our favoured option. http://wordpress.org/

5. Embrace social media

Work out which social media channels are most effective for lead generation for your business and don’t just follow the crowd onto every platform available. This video gives a tip that will help you.

6. Embraced video and created a YouTube Channel

People to read but they love to watch as well plus so we created our You Tube Channel of video posts with Marketing tips. It’s here –

7. Built an app to help our customers & clients

We created an app to help SME business owners and entrepreneurs improve their marketing. You can do the same for your niche – Here’s our app –


8. Used social media to recruit passionate staff

Do you really want to pay recruitment/staffing agency fees? If you are focused you can find and recruit staff through social media.

9. Networked successfully – clients, business partners, staff

A vital part of any business is your ability to generate new leads and potential partners. For most people this means networking effectively – be sure of your objectives for each event you attend.

10. Extended our range of product and services

Think of each one as a revenue stream – the more you have the better your chance of making decent profits. Carefully consider the most cost effective platform to deliver your products and services – it’s online for a healthy bottom line in most cases.

Would you like our help creating or refreshing your marketing strategy? Or implementing one of the tactics listed above? We can certainly help you – give us a call on
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We hope you find this information useful.

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