Online Lead Generation – How Businesses Use Social Media Effectively

Online Lead Generation – How Businesses Use Social Media Effectively
Online lead generation through social media

Brands are smart enough to know how to use the right elements on their side and get the desired results. One of the inevitable aspects of a business is lead generation, most businesses are not using social media effectively for this purpose. Getting leads on social media may seem to be the easiest task, but requires perception and a fundamental understanding of how the web works. Businesses that have managed to do the same are the ones that have gone vocal with the marketing techniques online.

Before understanding how businesses are using social media successfully for getting leads, one has to understand the various social media platforms that matter. Obviously the kind of platform one chooses depends on the type of business. A social media platform which works for one may not work for the other. Here’s a more specific take on online lead generation from the most prominent social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Online Lead Generation – 4 Tips for businesses

The best of leads through Twitter

 Twitter for lead generation is used by businesses that know their tailored audiences and the ways to check keyword targeting, which can help in the capture. Twitter also has promoted tweets, and the ads will pick up in the months to come. To generate leads on Twitter, one has to find the right audience. This can be achieved by researching on competitor handles and finding out their followers and their followers’ interests. Also one needs to research the proper hashtags to reach a wider audience. Businesses can do this by searching for hash tags that are trending or create their own hashtag which their followers can use. Using images for tweets has been proved to be extremely successful. 

Hitting the LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn works well in B2B lead generation, and for successful businesses, it’s a good way of getting heard by the intended network. LinkedIn can help you find the right person to talk to in a company if you have a B2B product or a service to sell. One can use LinkedIn premium accounts to send Inmails to their prospects. LinkedIn also offers great visibility by participating in groups. With the new blogging feature business can publish content and spread it to their network which attracts more visitors and potential leads. Other tactics included praising potential businesses, and using Lead Collection, which is available as a feature of LinkedIn Ads.

Making the best of Facebook

 Facebook lead generation is tough and can be convoluted at the same time. The algorithms are changing faster than ever, and businesses that know the process have clear understanding on how to get traffic which includes ads. Leads on Facebook can be anything from an email id to the number of likes, depending on how companies use the user information. The first thing is the company page that’s customized, well planned and content oriented for call for action. Then, there are lead generating tactics, such as adding a newsletter or a whitepaper or a case study for getting the email and adding some action to the other page elements. Facebook is gradually reducing the organic reach of the posts from Company pages. Therefore it has become tougher to reach the audience. The content needs to be engaging and needs to be distributed to the right audience such that they get more Likes, Shares, Comments or a signup on the website.

Video Based Social Media Platforms

Also businesses can leverage videos on You Tube, Instagram or Vine to engage with their audience. Check out our recent post, Is Online Video marketing the future of Content Marketing for more details on the potential of video marketing. Of course, the dependency of the social media sites on one another is something that professional marketers and business managers know to the potential. It’s often multiple tactics across multiple sites that work together for the collaborative effect that goes in generation of leads for businesses.

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