Professional Services: Should Your Business Have an Info Product?

Professional Services: Should Your Business Have an Info Product?

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Hello everyone. Professional Services businesses have historically been quite conservative with their approach to marketing and have often been reluctant to create strategies that will raise their company’s profile. In some circles the idea of marketing in itself was slightly distasteful. I am reminded of a visit I made a few years ago to an ‘old school’ legal chambers. I will not forget the look of disdain on one partner’s face when I told him that I earned my living from marketing. Thankfully there are now many progressive individuals working within professional services who are keen to deploy the most effective strategies to give their business an edge over its competitors.

Creating an informational product will brand your business and is an excellent way of raising your company’s profile. This informational product will demonstrate your company’s expertise in your chosen sector, differentiate you from your competitors and if positioned correctly will get more prospects into your sales funnel. For example, instead of being just another legal firm that handles immigration for businesses and their employees you could become the firm that is known for ‘Demystifying the UK Visa Process’ if you have a book with that title. Creating an informational product will also extend your marketing reach. Knowledge of your business will extend beyond your clients and the personal networks of your employees.

What Sort of Informational Product Should you Create?

Once you’ve committed to the strategy of creating an informational product remember that you must deliver value to your audience. This is crucial for the success of the product and of this strategy. There are a variety of informational products that you could create.

1. Book

The benefit of a good businesss book is that it will brand you very well in your sector. You will become known for something. The introduction of self publishing means that book publishing a book is more accessible book than it once was but most business owners do not have one. A physical book ranks higher than a Kindle book so produce both formats. Also consider creating an audiobook.

2. Online Courses

Creating an online course with an educational portal such as Udemy is another excellent way of demonstrating your expertise. Ensure that the course is relevant to your core business activities and keep the course updated. The opportunity to update makes online courses a preferred route for many business people. To update a book would reqwuire a second edition whereas for an online course you can simply add new modules or edit existing ones.

3. Creating an App

It requires more financial investment and external personnel (app developers) to create an app but if you decide to go down this route you will be front of mind with your target audience. Mobile phones are integral to people’s lives and creating a useful app is a wonderful way of helping them and promoting your business.

4. Recorded Webinar

If you are looking for an informational product that will be quick to create but of higher perceived value than a dwonloadable PDF consider a recorded webinar. Prepare well for the first webinar, pick a theme that will be of use to your audience, record it and then you will have a valuable informational product.

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